Warm Up

This class begins with the classic warm up, arm swings, punches, torqueing from side to side, plenty of squats and side steps, uppercuts and high knees. The trick is to really engage your core throughout, because once that gets warmed up you will be ready to GO! Proceed through some deep side lunges, a bunch of high knees, some forward hamstring stretches, and you should be ready to get started!


The first sequence involves a lot of side stepping, high knees and high arms. Move back and forth in tempo with the music, and then throw some punches and it’s back to high knees, either directly before you or to the side.
Then it’s time for football drills while throwing punches, mixed in with some high jumps and turns. Once you’ve burned your calves to cinders, it’s time to do the other side, doing the exact same mixture of high knees, side steps and torqueing of your core.

The next sequence is a great combination of punches, high jumps, and then you explode into a great and crazy number of side kicks that will have you reeling. Mix in more punches, more kicks, a few high knees, and you’ll be sweating bricks!
The next sequence is really fun. High knees but with really great overhead arm swings, back and forth. From there you segue right into some hops from side to side, a bunch more kicks, and then some downward punches. Throw in some more knees, and then it’s time for the other side.

Just when you thought things were hitting a rythum, it’s time for a fire drill! 70 seconds of madness that include football drills, high knees, burpies, side lunges, and jumping jacks. Go as hard as you can, don’t hold back, and then enjoy that break right after!

From there you’re off to the races with a bunch more front and back kicks, high punches and football drills. It never stops until you hit a SECOND fire drill, different from the first but just as punishing. Try to keep up!

That’s your last fire drill however, so from there you have another bunch of sequences, variations on those listed above, punishing and fun, and high energy to the max! The last few moments are spent cooling down with the same warm up you did at the beginning of class, so enjoy it and try to get your breath back!