Warm Up

This 30 minute class begins with the standard, high energy warm up. Standing front and center Chalene leads you through a series of punches and squats, combining them with incredibly high energy music so that you enjoy each hook, uppercut and pulse.

The trick is to always keep moving, always keep your body bouncing and side stepping, arms reaching out and knees pumping. The warm up lasts for about four minutes and incorporates dynamic as well as some brief static stretching. By the time it ends you should be well and truly warmed up.


You then launch into the main body of the workout which begins with ten reps of punch combos. Your throw jabs, hooks and uppercuts in three different directions, engaging the core with each turn and blow. From there you segue into a series of punches into the sky, and then blast into some football drills, springing on your toes before returning to the 10 punch combo on the other side and finishing off with more football drills and sky punches.

That’s when the fire drill bell goes off, and you have a minute of solid madness. You start off with more football sprints, going forward and back, and then explode into punches, drop down and do burpies, jump up for some exploding jumping jacks and more moves than you can count so that when that final second rolls by, you should be dead. You get a minute break, then it’s back in the saddle, starting slow but building up.

The next phase involves a series of high knees and arm swings, with more punches and side kicks thrown in for fun. Then you go into some arm twirls and side punches and high knees. Repeat the sequence twice for good measure!

Time for the second fire drill, same as the first, and just as intense! Take a minute break and catch your breath. Get back into more punches, knees and lunges, using the most of your core. At about the four minute mark it begins to slow down, allowing you to cool before it comes to an end.