Warm Up

Start with an easy warm up, swinging your arms from side to side, and then back into the traditional squat. Do some sumo squats, and then begin to focus on your core with side to side oscillations.


When you’re warmed up, it’s time to begin with the band. Trap it’s middle under your foot and begin to lean to the side, using the band for resistance. Do the same with the band from behind, leaning forward to get that crunch. Move on to the same on the other side. Drop back into a squat without the bands and do some more side to side oscillations.

Get on your matt and do some reverse crunches by trapping the band around your feet and straightening out. Do some side twists, still holding onto the band, and then back into some reverse crunches. Remember to always take care of your spine throughout. Then lie on your back, bring your legs up, and start bicycle pedaling and moving your elbow to each opposite knee as it comes close. Nice! Do the same without the band for good measure.

Lie on your side and do some oblique crunches, reaching up to touch your toes ,and then do the other side. Get into a pushup position and swing your leg in and out and then rotate your hips down to touch the ground. Finish off with some pushups, and you’re done!

Stretch 40

This begins as a yoga class, standing in mountain pose and moving through a different series of stretches, with some ballet stretches thrown in for fun. You move through a wide number of yoga poses, from chataranga to downward dog. The focus is on stretching out your backs, your leg, hips and thighs, opening the hips and really warming up the muscles. This is less of a stretch but more of an actual yoga class, so you wouldn’t be far off if you called it ‘Yoga 40’.

Stay with it, stay focused, and try to really go deep into each pose, to breath carefully and enjoy every stretch. This can actually be a really intense workout itself if done right, so don’t hold back, don’t take it easy, and really try to get the most from it.