Why Focus on Nutrition?

Let’s talk facts. The greatest amount of weight can be lost by balancing your caloric intake so that you are burning more calories than you are consuming. However, you need to be sure that you are getting enough calories to fuel your system, to allow you to dominate the workouts and feel great. How can you set that specific number of calories, how can you know how much to eat, and figure out great recipes to allow you to do so?

Enter the Slim in 6 nutrition guide. When it comes to healthy eating habits many of us are at sea, believing what advertisers tell us and not understanding that soft drinks for example can be extremely deleterious to our health. What many of us need is a simple, clear, and professionally designed nutrition guide that will allow us to take control of our eating habits and make substantive changes that will allow us to transform our bodies and lose weight!

Now for a hard truth. Too many people are eager to exercise, and loath the idea of changing their eating habits. We take psychological comfort from out bad eating habits, and changing them can be the hardest adaptation to a healthy lifestyle of them all. However, you simply will not achieve results if you continue to eat in the same manner you did before. To succeed at Slim in 6 you need to be ready to change your life, not just do a few workouts, and the true change begins with your fridge and is ultimately reflected in how much your belly shrinks during those six weeks! 

How to Work the Nutrition Into Your Workouts

Too many people only come to realize the importance of their nutrition plans after they are already several weeks into their workout. That’s when they begin to realize that they are not effecting the changes they want, that they are not losing the weight they had hoped for, and what’s worse, they are beginning to drag and have no energy for the exercise. Often people quit at this point, blame the workout, and return to the couch.

Enter the Slim in Six nutrition plan. Whether it’s the first six day kick off plan that helps you lose that initial amount of weight or the entirety of the plan that you should be following for the six weeks of the program, you need to follow the plan from the get-go. The way to do this is to aim for the most important attribute of any successful diet plan: consistency.

You need to observe your new eating habits every day without fail. Buy what you need in advance to make your recipes and thus always be able to cook and eat without being forced to resort to fast food because your fridge is empty. Learn to appreciate the health value of foods that are low in saturated fat, that are healthy, good carbs, that have little sugar, that are natural, whole foods and meals that are high in vegetables and fruits.

Remember: the key to success is consistency. You need to plan to eat healthy each and every day for the next six weeks, and that means studying your diet plan, preparing in advance for your meals, anticipating moments of weakness that will tempt you to return to your bad habits. The best way to work nutrition into your workout plan is to think of those six weeks as a war against your bad habits, and you have to stack the odds in favor of your succeeding as best you can. Remember: you’re fighting for your health, and the quality of the rest of your life. Take your nutrition seriously!

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