Warm Up

Begin the warm up with a series of reaches and stretching, bouncing from foot to foot as you work on warming up the shoulders, back, chest and hips. Take advantage of these four minutes because they’ll allow you to warm up your body, get your joints limber and flexible and prepare you for the exercise that is coming your way. A properly warmed up system will be able to work out harder and better, so try to break a sweat!


Once the warm up is over, go deep into a Plié stance and lower down into a squat. Raise your arms overhead, and then pulse up and down with a focus on your breathing. Work on alternating toe touches, bring your opposite hand to touch your foot, and then move back into Plié!
Then move into a series of high knees and deep lunges.

Make sure the knee stays right over your ankle line and keep moving and working up a sweat! Do two sets of both, and work on keeping your abs tight and your focus on your posture!
From there you go into a sumo squat, legs out wide, toes pointed out, arms coming overhead as you descend. Make sure to keep your back straight, your tail bone tucked under, and clench your abs! Do some more toe touches and it’s back into the Plié stance. Reach across the body now, twisting and reaching and getting a good oblique stretch in there.

Then transition into the same move but reach up and over. Now it’s time for a good oblique burn—bring your knee to same elbow!
It’s time to go deep! Really squat down, pretending as if you’re sitting on the edge of a chair, lowering yourself as close to the ground as you can, arms extended out before you. From there transition into leg raises, and then do the whole sequence once more from the top!

Time to get a little intense! Get on your stomach, and do push-ups, resting on your knees to make it a little easier. Do your best! Finish off with a little ab work by bringing your knees to your chest, and go for that burn!
Enjoy your cool down, your stretch, and you’re done!


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