Warm Up

Begin with some four minutes of warm up. As always, this is crucial for protecting your body and preventing injury, since a warmed up body is less likely to be injured and will respond better to exercise. Follow Debbie as she does a wide variety of stretches, reaches, high knees and more that will heat up the large muscles in your back, shoulders, hips and legs.


Time for Plié! Come into a wide stance, arms extended out to your side, palms up, and then go deep. Make sure that your knees are right over your toe line, and that your abdominals are tight. Go deep! You should develop a really nice burn with these, and try to go nice and fast when Debbie picks up the pace!
From there you’re going to go into some knee tucks, hands on your head, bringing your knees up to your chest. Swing into a big stretch as you alternate your weight from foot to foot, and then do those side crunches, bringing knee to elbow. Enjoy that burn!

Are you ready for more action? Time for the rear lunges! Step back and drop low into a lunge, arms coming up extended before you. Focus on balance and comfort in your knees, and then hold it down and pulse a bunch of times, hold it, and then pull it up and switch legs.
You’re going to go through a wide variety of squats, lunges, reaches and plié’s before moving deeper into the workout. There you’ll do a number of hamstring squeezes, marches and knee raises before it’s time to bring out the bands!
You will do a number of light resistance exercises with your band, from upright rows to shoulder presses to curls to triceps extensions.

Time to get on the map and do some booty exercises, kicking your leg out behind you. You’ll do a wide variety of these along with pushups, and then get on your back and do some ab work by pulling your knees toward your chest, cross crunches, hips to the sky and then reaches.
And you’re done! Enjoy the stretch, and be ready to keep going tomorrow!


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