Warm Up

Today you’re going to be kicking it up a notch, challenge yourself and workout hard. Start with the warm up that you are now familiar with, doing reaches, cross reaches, high knees, leg raises and squats. Go deep, go hard, and let’s get a sweat going! Make sure to warm yourself up as best as you can so that you are ready for the exercise coming your way


The main workout begins with a series of squats and knee pulls, then drops into a squat and leg thrust combo. As you can see, it’s already starting off tough! You’ll transition into front and back kicks, and here you want to focus on balance and control. Swing into some side leg lifts, and then when you’re ready, explode into some sidekicks! Remember, this is meant to burn and get you sweating, so don’t worry if it feels hard!
Alright, time for the next section.

We’re going to pick up the pace and start with marching, some jumping jacks, and then get into some cross high knees to really target those oblique’s. Keep your breath steady and even. Do some lateral reaches toward the sky, and then some oblique crunches by bringing the knee to elbow. Ready for some punches?

Do some upper cuts and straight jabs, then bring your body into a low, low squat and rotate your torso so that your elbow touches your knee. Crunch and burn! Finish this segment off with some squat pulses, and then it’s time for some high knees!
The next few sections will repeat this amazing combination of squats, standing crunches, plié’s, and high knees, but eventually you will move into the land of the resistance band.

Here you’re do a powerful combination of rows, curls, shoulder presses and triceps extension. Enjoy!
The workout finishes with a truly tough combination of leg extensions from all fours which segue into push-ups. Really control your leg and enjoy that glute burn! From there it’s time to hit the mat on your back and do a wide variety of crunches, leg raises and hip raises, before it’s time to cool down and stretch out!


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