Start It Up

This is the first phase of Slim in 6, and therefor as Debbie Siebers herself says, you need to go at your own speed and listen to your own body. Remember, this isn’t a crash course or an extreme workout, but rather and introduction to health and fitness. If this proves easy, then you are ready to move on to Phase 2!
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Ramp It Up

Well done on finishing Start It up! Today you’re moving into Phase 2, and you’re going to challenge yourself to do harder and push deeper. Remember, if this proves to be too much, you can always do a modified version and go easy on yourself. And don’t forget there’s always the pause button!
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Burn It Up

Here we go, Phase 3! This is the final phase of Slim in 6, so well done on completing Phase 2! Make sure you’re eating right, getting plenty of rest and drinking lots of water. Remember, if this ever gets too intense, either press pause, go at your own pace, or feel free to go back to Phase2!
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