Shakeology – What’s In It?

By now you have no doubt heard of the meal replacement shake that is revolutionizing the health and fitness market. Composed of over 70 of the best ingredients, endorsed by over a hundred doctors, costing less per serving than your local cup of coffee and produced to such exacting standards that Beachbody would rather not sell it then cut corners, Shakeology has raised eyebrows and already improved the health of tens of thousands of people from around the nation.

The question thus is what goes into such an amazing product? How is Beachbody able to sell such an incredible product in such a concentrated form, and how did they go about putting it together? In this article we will examine the ingredients themselves, and show you exactly what Shakeology is so amazing.

Who’s Behind Shakeology?

First let’s meet the man who put this product together. While Carl Daikeler and his wife brainstormed the meal replacement shake, it was Darin Olien who traveled the globe in search of the ingredients he deemed essential to the world’s best shake. A world traveler, he has spent his life climbing mountains, penetrating into the depths of jungles and combing the world for the finest ingredients and most potent and bioavailable fruits and vegetables. His dedication to only the best led to his partnership with Beachbody, and the consequent ingredient list that reads like a nutritionists impossible wish list.

What’s In It?
A scoop of Shakeology has about 150 calories and 18 grams of protein and carbs. It has about one gram of fat, and contains a universe of vitamins and minerals. Further, its gluten free, contains no MSG or caffeine, has no refined sugars or artificial sweeteners, and costs less than your average cup of coffee.

To download the nutritional lable click the links below.

shakeology-nutritional-label- chocolate.pdf

shakeology-nutritional-label- greenberry.pdf


The first group of ingredients are the proteins and essential amino acids. These help build and repair muscles, reduce your hunger and cravings, keep your blood sugar steady, and is mostly derived from whey protein isolate, which is both easily absorbed and very high quality and contains an intense concentration of bioavailable amino acids.

Prebiotics & Enzimes

The second group is made of prebiotics and digestive enzymes. These aid in digestion, help boost your immune system, increase your absorption of nutrients and keep you "regular". Prebiotics are natural components of plants, and help support "friendly" bacteria in your gut. The digestive enzymes derived from papayas and pineapples help your body break down food and extract the nutrition from it.

Anti Oxidants & Phytonutrients

The third group is antioxidants and phytonutrients which help you get rid of cell damaging free-radicals, help decrease inflammation, boost your immune system, and even increase longevity. These are derived from the fruits that are put into Shakeology. Phytonutrients have shown promise in labs of reducing the chances of degenerative diseases.

Minerals & Vitamins

Finally you have a wide array of minerals and vitamins, which are essential nutrients in your body and are necessary for daily function. Most of us don’t get all the essential nutrients we need, and by taking a compliment of vitamins and minerals we can cover the gaps in our diets.

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