I love my Shakeology. Can I drink more that one serving a day? Can I swap more than one meal per day?

You can, but we don’t recommend that you have more than two servings per day instead of meals for an extended period of time.

Can I buy Shakeology in Stores?

No. Shakeology is not available in stores. You can only buy Shakeology through the Coach Network, where you can purchase it from authorized Coaches such as Extreme Fitness Results.

My Shakeology seems to be causing me digestive discomfort. Should I stop?

No way! For many folks this simply means that it is working well and a cleanse/detox process is taking place. What this means is that your system is cleaning itself of the toxins that have built over the years, and these don’t get removed in just one day. You can help your body do this more gently by having only half a scoop once a day, and then slowly add more to each scoop until you can do the normal amount. Remember, you can consume your one scoop in two smaller doses as smaller snacks throughout your day. For some folks, this can take up to three months depending on how much cleansing they need.
If you continue to experience serious digestive discomfort with smaller amounts, check in with your doctor.

Can I drink Shakeology before my workout?

While Shakeology is definitely better than eating a full meal just before working out, we recommend that you instead eat something with more sugar and less fiber to help your body absorb the goods. A great option for this is the Results and Recovery Formula™ or Meal Replacement Shake.

I currently take ActiVit® multivitamin. Should I stop now that I am drinking Shakeology?

Shakeology has been carefully formulated so that one shake covers your normal daily need for vitamins and minerals. Still, if you are doing an intense workout routine that is pushing your body really hard such as the P90X® or INSANITY routines you will burn more calories and may need some extra supplementation, like ActiVit. What’s best, Shakeology has digestive enzymes that will help you absorb all the nutrients in ActiVit when you take them together.

Can I drink Shakeology immediately after a workout?

Yes, but there are better options for you out there. You want something that is designed specifically for your post-workout needs like the Results and Recovery Formula.

Do I fill my scoop up to the line or heap it over?

We recommend that you heap your serving in the scoop to get the recommended serving (40 grams for Greenberry and 48 grams for Chocolate).

What if I already have Meal Replacement Shake? Should I finish it first or throw it out and then switch to Shakeology?

We don’t think you should throw out your Meal Replacement Shake. This is a high-quality protein shake, and while it doesn’t offer the wide array of nutrients in addition to protein that Shakeology has, it is still good. Also, Meal Replacement has more sugar content and less fiber, which makes it a good candidate for taking around the time you exercising (Results and Recovery Formula is also good for this purpose). Shakeology is better as a meal replacement taken at least 2 hours before a workout or 1 hour afterwards.

I noticed that the Chocolate flavor has more protein—why?

That is because the serving size for Chocolate is 8 grams more than that for Greenberry. This is because we added an additional 2 grams worth of protein in the extra ingredients (mostly chocolate powder and cocoa powder).

I have lactose intolerance. Can I drink Shakeology despite it having 15 grams of whey protein (which is derived from milk)?

This is hard to answer, because individuals vary so much. Check you’re your doctor if you are lactose intolerant. That said, the whey protein in Shakeology is actually a specific kind called whey protein isolate, which means it is more than 90 percent pure protein. That means there is only 10% of other ingredients in which lactose can be found.

What’s more, Shakeology has many digestive enzymes-and lactase is one of them. This is the enzyme you need to break down lactose and is the same as found in over-the-counter products like Lactaid®. Thus because Shakeology is composed of such pure whey protein isolate and has the digestive enzyme lactase, you may actually be able to take it without difficulties. If you are lactose intolerant we recommend you try starting with a small amount of Shakeology and carefully check how your body reacts. If you feel fine, go ahead and add a small amount each time till you are up to taking two half servings a day.

Why are the colors different if neither flavor has no food coloring?

Simple! This is because Greenberry contains more of ingredients such as spirulina, grass powders, vegetable powders, herbal powders, and chlorella, plus some of the berry and fruit powders which turns it green. Chocolate Shakeology is actually also green when it’s first made, but by adding chocolate and cocoa powders it becomes brown.

What are the payment options?

You can place your order with any major credit card on our site. We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

What is all this about “whole-food ingredients”?

What this means is that Shakeology is made from whole-food sources of all the nutrients in it, as opposed to being composed of synthetic extracts or isolates (like some multivitamin pills do). This is a great because whole-food derived ingredients has nutrients that are as close to their natural state as you can get, and are thus delivered to your body in the most holistic way possible. You will absorb these nutrients more efficiently if they come from whole-food sources.

Is the whey protein in Shakeology antibiotic free?

Yes, the whey protein in Shakeology has been certified free of antibiotics


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