Shakeology Cleanse
I’m sure you’ve heard people discussing cleanses by now. It’s become a prevalent part of the culture for those who are interested in cleaning their systems and purging themselves of all the toxins and sludge that’s built up in their intestinal tracts. The idea is simple: for a short number of days you adopt a specific diet that is light and wholesome and stop eating solid, heavy foods that put a strain on your system. The benefits are immediate: you feel lighter, cleaner, and often ready to kick off a serious diet.

Which cleanse is best for you?

That all depends on what your goals are. If you are already healthy and in good shape, you probably don’t need to do a serious cleanse. Odds are you can adopt a cleansing diet for a couple of days and be done. Conversely, if you’re in bad shape, a strong cleanse might be too much for your system to handle, resulting in discomfort. Instead, a similar short cleanse might be in order, at least at first. You can always do a stronger cleanse a month later when your body is better prepared to handle it. And people who are getting into good shape, who are feeling strong but not quite where they want to be? They can probably do a more intense cleanse lasting several days if not a week.

What do you drink or eat on a cleanse?

The classic system is to drink mostly vegetable juices all day long, and then finish the day off with a light salad. As you can see this is incredibly low in calories, resulting in a loss of energy, but the benefit is that you immediately begin to flush your system. A great cleanse that we’ve found to really work is the Shakeology Cleanse, which consists of drinking two or three Shakeology shakes per day, with a salad at the end. The reason this is fantastic is because Shakeology contains tons of minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants, phytochemicals, probiotics and enzymes to help jump start your system in the best way possible. A solid two or three days of this shake will do wonders for your health, digestive system and energy levels.

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