Warm Up

You know how this goes: the warm up is crucial, gets your heart pumping, gets you moving and ready for the workout. Begin with the Balanca, and then into some deep side lunges. Stretch out those hips, your groin, your pelvies and hamstrings. Then dip and roll your shoulders, move into another side lunge, and then up into Warrior One. Roll them shoulders out one more time, and then roll your spine out. Time to finish out your workout: Center Jacks!


OK, time to get to work.  Let’s kick it off with  a Woodchopper. Get a heavy weight, hold it over one shoulder and then step into a deep side lunge, bringing it down to your foot. Stand back up and then swing it to the other foot. Make sure to keep good form and a fast pace.
Now it’s time for the brutal Renegade Row. Go into a push-up position, hands on your weights. Do two push-ups and then draw up one hand with the weight into a row, do the other side, and keep going till it’s time to stop!

Side Squat madness. Grab those weights and drop into a deep squat, stepping out to the side. Straighten up and punch those weights into the sky. Then drop back into a deep squat and raise the weights again.
Ready? Time for Hoebel Curls. They’re simple but punishing. Curl the weights up to your face, then open up to the side, weights still by your head, then back and lower. Keep it controlled, keep it tight, keep it fresh. Now it’s the Queda de Quatro, or commonly known as the Table in yoga circles. Sit on your butt, put yourhands by your hips, and push up so that you are like a table, tummy to the sky.

Martello Combo time! Brett walks you through this series, which involves working your way up to a side kick, and then swinging out some punches and finally dropping into a bunch of low squats. Make those kicks go high, remain in time with the beat, and stay focused!

There you go—end of Round 1! Two more rounds to go. Stay with it, stay tight, stay focused, and you’ll burn through more calories than you thought possible!