We all want a chiseled, incredibly hot six pack. But not all of us know how to go about it. Now armed with Rev Abs, we all stand a fighting chance, but only if we follow the basics. You can’t achieve the results you need and drop your body fat % below 10% if you don’t follow the nutrition plan and the calendar, so read on!

Why Focus on Nutrition?

Let’s talk facts. You can do core exercises from here to eternity, and develop abs of steel and fantastic strength but they will never be visible unless you drop your body fat percentage below about 10 percent. It’s no use to have shredded abs beneath a layer of fat! In order to drop your fat percentage, however, you need to do two things: you need to exercise, and you need to eat right. There’s no better way to control your body composition than to monitor what you eat, how much you eat, and when you eat it.

Enter the Rev Abs nutrition guide. This powerful, professionally designed nutrition guide will help you take control of your diet, to figure out how many calories you should be consuming, and to help you understand what kind of food is beneficial for your system. Further, it comes stocked with a huge number of delicious, simple recipes for you to prepare, aiming to take the challenge out of food preparation. Thus armed, you will soon be able to effect the total body transformation you’ve been yearning for!

Remember: too many people focus only on the exercise, the obvious weight lifting and core work. They get excited about the work, and don’t put energy or effort into the nutrition, which can be more annoying, trying, or hard to remain excited about. But it’s breaking such insidious habits as drinking soft drinks or cutting out sugary processed food that can make the greatest difference, and which can effect incredibly weight loss with simple changes of habits. Thus be sure to follow the nutrition plan exactly, because failing to do so and believing that only the exercise is necessary can result in frustration, lack of energy, and a consequent burn out and quitting of the program. Pay attention! The nutrition plan is truly the most important part of the Rev Abs workout!

How to Work the Nutrition Into Your Workouts

The most critical time to focus on your nutrition is not after you’re done with your months of working out, nor before, but during the time you’re doing ev Abss because not only is it good for you, but it’s delicious as well. Brett Hoebel has gone out of his way to not only craft nutritious meals, but meals that are delicious and easy to prepare, resulting in zesty, flavorful snacks that will make it a pleasure to lose weight. The meals all share the same features in that they are designed to help you lose fat and boost your energy levels by combining a delicious mix of good quality carbs (no refined carbs here, only veggies, whole wheat alternatives and fruit), a number of lean proteins such as chicken, turkey, and fish to help lower the amount of saturated fat, and an extremely limited amount of sugar. This potent combination helps max out your nutritional gains and will help you burn through your workouts with high levels of energy.

As you can see, it’s not a radical diet in that you’re allowed to eat a wide variety of different proteins, carbs and plenty of veggies. You get lots of taste, lots of variety, but simply have to cut out such items as soda, red meat, chocolate and candy and fried meals. Once you work on making those changes, you’ll find that the pounds melt right off!

Finally, some people are worried about when they should eat in regard to their workout. Should you have some food before you exercise, or right after? Do you have to eat immediately after, or can you wait half an hour? Timing your meals around your exercise is a contentious topic, as many people hold very firm opinions about the matter. But the truth is that your body takes many hours to digest food, such that whether you eat your snack before or right after becomes irrelevent. What matters is that your system has access to the nutrition in your snack, ideally composed of 3 parts protein to 1 part carbohydrates. When you eat it, exactly, is not as essential.