Warm Up

Start with the warm up that today focuses on lunges. Be sure to open that groin and your hips, to warm them up even as you heat up the hamstrings. Then roll out the shoulders, and finish off with a good spinal stretch. As always, end the warm up with center jacks, making it intense by moving fast.


The first exercise of the real workout is a Dumbbell Lunge, holding the weights just below your chin. Step back into a deep lunge, your knees going into a 90 degree angle. Do both sides, and focus on firing your abs as you go.
From there you go into the classic push-up. Focus on keeping your hips in line with your body, not to high or low, and fire your abs each time you go back up. Time for Front Squats! Keep your back straight, dumbbell clenched beneath your chin, down low so that the upper line of your thigh goes parallel with the ground. Nice job!
Now it’s time to hit the Bent-Over Row. It’s key to keep your back straight, to breath right, and don’t round your lower back! Work on the Booty Bridge now, lie on your back, right on your shoulder blades, feet resting on your heels, and elevate your hips toward the sky. Then it’s the madness of the Punch Combo, where youc combine punching, lunges and jumping jacks. Hang in there! Finish that, give yourself a break, and you’re done with Round 1. Two more to go, hang in there!

Mercy Abs

This is a short but sweet workout, only 17 minutes long, and focuses exclusively on your abs. Start off with some warm ups, beginning with Cat/Cow where you kneel with your hands on the ground and arch and then dip your back. Swing into cobra, bringing your upper body off the ground, and then push back into Child’s Pose.

Then it’s time to sweat! Crunches for a minute, firing your abs as you go. Now for a Brazilian special: Bencao Kick, which involves sitting right up and kicking out one leg when you sit upright. This is tough, so focus on your form and watch your back. Stretch it out with a little Cobra, and then back to work! That’s the end of Round 1, so do it twice more and you’re done!