Are you ready to get a little crazy?  Take it easy, don’t push too hard in the beginning, and pace yourself for your three rounds. It’s going to get a lot more intense before it lessens up, so be ready to push hard, burn those abs, and sweat!

Warm Up

The Power Intervals 2 starts with the classic Brett Hoebel warm up. You begin with arm swings, move into some deep lunges, and thn top things off at the end with an intense series of Center Jacks.  Remember, this warm up is key because you’re going to be pushing yourself really hard over the rest of the workout, so get that blood pumping and that heart beating!
The main exercise kicks off with the weighted Woodchopper. Grab a nice, heavy dumbbell and then step into a forward lunge and bring that weight swinging down and diagonally across toward the ground, just as if you were swinging an axe at the baseof a tree. Be careful until you’re confident with the weight, and then stand back up and repeat with the other side.


That done, it’s time for more punishment. You’re going to want some serious weights for the next exercise as the Side Squat with a knee raise will be able to handle some heavy dumbbells. Grab them and hold the weights up by your shoulders, and then step sideways and go deep into the squat. Rise up, straight and raise your knee, only to step back into a deep squat and return where you came from.

Now it’s time to get that heart burning. Side Skips are simple, fun, and tough. Move from foot to foot in a skipping motion, being sure to swing your arms correctly, and when the time comes go really wide and reach down to touch the ground.

End the first round with something that can drive you mad: Burpies are the way to go. Drop into a push up, jump your knees back in under your chest, and then jump up into the air. This is really the place to give it your all, so hold nothing back and go!

That’s the end of Round 1. Time to kick it up a notch with the next two rounds!