Brett offers you variations that will take up a notch each time. You will want to focus on a couple of things: always fire your abs with your breathing, making sure that you are focused on your core. Second, always stay in the game, never just give up, and if that means taking a break or pressing pause, do so but then come back to it. Hang in there, and you will definitely get results! Also, be sure to take advantage of the warm-up and cool-down moments, as these will help you prepare your body not just for today’s workout, but tomorrow’s.

Warm Up

Start out as always with a 3 minute workout. You’re going to want to heat up your system with some dynamic stretching, moving from side to side lunges to deep forward lunges. Work on opening up your hips and groin, stretching out your hamstrings and then work on your shoulders. Then explode into jumping jacks, working on each side, and by the end you should be fired up and ready to go!

Work Out

First you stop off with Lunges. Grab your dumbbells, and work your way through this classic move. Lunge out, each knee hitting 90 degrees, and then push back. Keep the weights held over your sternum. From there, you go into Crossovers, which are a kind of lateral jumping jack where you cross the feet over and behind each other as you swing the arms back and forth.

You starting to sweat? Go into what Brett calls Squat Thursts which are also known as Burpies, and hang in there! These are tough. Down to a push up, then knees back in, stand up, reach to the sky, and back down. Make this one work! Then it’s back to another bout of Cross-Overs, and a final round of Squat Thrusts. Take a break, and that’s the end of Round 1!

The next two Rounds will raise the intensity, and you should try and stay involved, stay engaged as you go through these moves. Stay focused, and try to do the variations to raise the intensity. Then move into the cool down, and make sure to stretch it out to avoid soreness the next day. You should have burned your abs, got some fat burned, and be ready to go at it again tomorrow!