Brett is going to run you through the same routines three times, each time helping you kick it up to a new level of intensity. You need to stay focused on the ball, because this isn’t a gimmicky workout that tries to surprise you ever three seconds with something new. What Brett has is a winning combination of ab exercises that will make you burn, and you need to put ever more energy into each session so that you get the max benefits you can.

Warm Up

So we start with a warm-up, high knees, and be sure to fire your abs as you go. You want to get your core temp up nice and not and that means keep it intense. Do some jumping jacks, do some shoulder rotations in both directions, give yourself some huggers and then keep mixing it up, doing Brett’s combo of jumping jacks and high knees. By the time the warm up finishes you should be ready to roll!


The main workout begins with Plank. Get on your forearms, body straight, and hold it for as long as you can. You’re going to want to keep your hips in line with your body, not high nor low. Switch into Cobra, where you raise your upper body from the ground, legs out behind you, and stretch out that back. Keep it tight!To give it some extra kick move your arms to the prescribed positions.

From here you swing into Dumbbell Jackknife, lying on your back with one leg extended, and then you crunch up, weight held over your head, and bring it to your foot. Watch your back, and keep those abs fired up! Now swing into Side Plank, and again, stay focused on that hip, keep it in line with your body! That done, do the other side.

Now let’s mix it up: time for Striders! These are alternating lunges with vicious arm swings, go deep, keep it intense, and go for the burn! Cool down with a little arm swinging, and then it’s time for Striders again. Cool off again, and you’re about halfway through the workout!

You’re going to repeat that sequence three times, and then go into the cool down. Do those stretches carefully, and you’re done!