You’re now into Phase 2 workouts, and you will soon be able to tell the difference. These workouts are now longer, more intense, and offer a greater challenge for you. Remember: always fire your abs as you go by focusing on your breathing and being in control. Good luck, and stay strong and committed!

Warm Up

Welcome the Phase 2 workouts! This kicks off the new intensity levels with a classic warmup, moving through high knees into jumping jacks and all the other moves you’re now familiar with. Kick Skips is how you round it all out, and then its some Toe Taps, Center Jacks, and you’re done!


The main workout kicks off with the Moving Plank. Get onto your forearms, hips in line with your body, and then travel over to your side by moving your arms and feet, until it’s time to come back. This takes about sixty seconds, so be prepared, it’s rough! Move into Cobra for another minute, and this time it kicks off with a high chin, thumbs up, and then squeeze the shoulder blades together.

Drop back into Leg Drop Splits. Lie on your back, hands behind your head, and raise your legs up high, and then lower them and open them wide. Watch your neck, and then go into JackKnife for fifty seconds. Raise one leg and then reach out to touch your toes with the opposite hand. Focus on your abs, watch your spine, and get that burn!

If you thought you were done, think again. Mountain Climbers are rough, and you need to do them for 45 seconds straight. Get into a push-up pose, and then kick your legs in and out as if climbing a slope. Your shoulders should burn, you should be out of breath, and sweating up a storm! Take a break, and then it’s time for Sprawl! Jog with high knees, then flip into Burpies, then back into high knees, more Biurpies and give it everything you got! That’s the end of Round 1! Two more Rounds to go.

Remember, if you’re comfortable, you should be able to do the new Spice variations. Stay focused, stay intense, and enjoy that burn in your abs! When you’re done, enjoy the Cool Down, and congratulate yourself for a job well done!