All these workout methods have been designed to help you become lean and mean and develop your abs. He then goes into the keys behind Ab Centrics, the guiding principle behind Rev Abs.
The first principle is Firing Abs, which involves a sharp exhale every time that triggers your abs. Lunges, skip kicks, cross punches, all of these are demonstrated so that you see how they trigger the abs especially if fire your abs as you go. Woodchopper, Balanca, and more.

Brett designed Rev Abs to attack your abs from 6 angles: Upper Flexion like the classic crunch; Lower Flexion that involes a leg drop as you fire your lower abs; Double Flexion that involves combining the previous two; and Side Flexion that involves moves such as Side Plan; Twist, which involves moving your shoulders across the body as you go; and Extension which involves working your back.

How To Capoeira

In this session Brett explains the history and movements of capoeira, the Brazilian martial art. He kicks it off with the Balanca move, swaying from side to side as you move your hands from side to side in a figure eight. You have to engage your abs as you go, shifting your wieght from foot to foot.

Ginga takes a wide stance, and involves moving from side to side with lunges, taking each other foot back until you start to develop a rhythm, head staying steady. You switch the arms opposite the feet, and you move back and forth.

Esquiva is to escape, and also takes a wide stance. Bow down to the side, always looking straight ahead, bowing down with the hands up to protect you. Imagine a kick coming all around and over your head as you go down.

Martelo Kicks: This means a hammer kick, and you start with your feet together, then step out, turn your heel out, knee bent, and then bring up the knee and roll out your leg into a side kick. Nice!

These are the basic moves you will be moving throughout the workout, so focus on these, work on them, and be prepared to burn and pop those abs. You’re going to have to want it!