P90X Recovery Formula

P90X Recovery Formula Review

Exercise is hard work. Your body burns calories as fuel, and your muscles are washed with lactic acid. You’re left with millions of micro-tears that only heal up when you sleep, and it is that healing process that causes your muscles to grow larger, denser, more powerful. However, for that healing process to take place you need the right kind of fuel. Without it, you will awaken sore, tired, and without the energy and enthusiasm to tackle your next workout.

That’s where the P90X Recovery Drink comes in. Composed of the ideal ratio of carbs to protein, it fuels your muscles perfectly for a full recovery and optimized healing over night. Especially designed for super intense workouts such as the P90X Workout, this post workout drink is perfect for all your dietary and healthy needs.

What is in the P90X Recovery Formula?

The P90X Recovery Formula is a post-workout shake. That means that it is not a protein shake, nor is it a meal replacement shake. Instead, it is designed to replenish energy stores in your muscles by taking advantage of the optimum glycogen delivery method that results from the perfect ration of 4 parts carbs to 1 part protein. It has been discovered that that ratio leads to the perfect uptake of glycogen into your muscles, resulting in the most complete and satisfying replenishment post workout.

Further, the P90X Recovery Formula contains creatine so as to help you boost your energy levels, allowing for longer, harder workouts. Creatine has been vigorously tested over the past 20 years by athletes and scientists, and is the #1 sports supplement around the world.

Finally, the P90X Recovery Formula has high levels of vitamins C and E to help reduce muscle soreness and give your overall system a boost.

The Best Part about the P90X Recovery Formula

The best thing about the P90X Drink Mix is that it tastes GREAT. Few people enjoy chugging a chalky liquid that makes them gag, and most stop after a few weeks. The P90X Recovery Formula however has a delicious taste, making it a pleasure to drink. Refreshing and delicious!

Who Is the P90X Recovery Formula For?

Anybody who engages in rigorous physical activity such as the P90X Workout, the Insanity Workout, or any kind of competitive sport, weight lifting and exercise will benefit from this recovery drink. If you’re burning calories, if you’re shredding your muscles, if you’re depleting your energy stores and working out to exhaustion, then you need to replenish your system in the best and most efficient way possible. That’s why the 4:1 carbs to protein ratio is so optimal, and benefits anybody who wishes to avoid soreness and maximize muscle growth.