When exercising it is imperative that you get the correct nutrition. Many people believe that all they have to do to lose weight and gain muscle is to lift increasingly heavier weights, but they’re mistaken. In fact, if you neglect nutrition you will probably see almost no gains at all, which is why the wise athlete focuses as much if not more on nutrition than they do the actual exercise they do. Now, if everybody could get fresh fruit and veggies right from the vine, if everybody was eating the right portions of fresh salmon and getting the right amount of blueberries and so forth, than there would be no need for a meal replacement shake like Shakeology, a recovery drink like the P90X Recovery Drink or a protein bar like the P90X protein bar. However, we all know that people are crunched for time and don’t have the energy to cook every day, which is where snacks on the go like the P90X protein bar come into play.

What is in the P90X protein bar?

The contents of a single P90X protein bar are chock full of goodness – but rather than tell you what’s in it, you can see for yourself:

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As you can see there is a ton of protein, and what’s even better, these bars taste GREAT!

Is the P90X Protein Bar for me?

You don’t need a supplemental source of protein if you are heating healthy amounts of protein every day. If you are able to get a good dose of protein into your system right after a workout, or are never short for a good snack when on the go, then no, you don’t need the P90X protein bar.

However, if you are a busy person, if you like convenience, if you get tired of always cooking, and you just want to toss something in your sports bag for later, than yes! The P90X Protein Bar is for you!