Core SynergisticsTony says: By doing Core Synergistics you’re going to prevent injury, you’re going to make yourself less vulnerable, and you’re going to be a hell of a lot more durable. Synergistics is multiple muscle groups at the same time while working core muscles, and it also supports all the other workouts in this program.

Overview: This workout is a crucial one, in that it helps strengthen your core through a variety of ways that will benefit all your other workouts as well. Tony wastes no time in getting you to engage in an eclectic mix of exercises that range from standing to lying down. Many people declare this to be one of their favorites, and I can see why: the moves are varied, engaging, and will definitely help you develop a strong core.

Tip of the Day: Engage your mind, think through every move, be conscious of your body in its entirety.

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The Workout:

Warm Up

You know the drill by now. The warm up for this workout is about 6:20 minutes, and kicks off with some head rolls. Then reach up and drag your arms down by your sides, stretching out your chest. Then go into the tapas stretch, down in horse stance and arms swinging horizontally to the back. From there go into a static stretch, arm extended overhead and hip kicked out.

From there shake it out, jogging on the spot. Go into some huggers and then into some reachers. Begin marching, knees high. Keep marching with legs out to the side. Move into jogging, and then jog with wide knees. Move into a high heels, kicking them into your butt, but not too angry or aggressive. From there surge magestically into jumping jacks. Then devolve into run lunges.

Hang down to stretch your hamstrings. Then step forward with one foot and lean down over it to stretch out that leg. Do both legs, because you have two of them. Then stretch out your quads. And you’re done!



Stack Foot/Stagger Hands Push-Ups [1:04 sec]: Get into a standard push-up position, and then stack your feet ontop of each other, one toe on the other’s heel, and set your hands at different heights as well. Switch every 5 movements.

Banana Rolls [1:59]: Lie on your back, and then raise your legs and shoulder blades from the ground. Hold for a beat, and then roll onto your side, then onto your stomach (basically a superman), and then onto your left side, and then onto your back.

Leaning Crescent Lunges [2:21 sec]: Lean into a lunge, then lean forward to form a straight line from heel to fingertips, and reach forward and up like supermen. Go back up, and then lean out on other leg on a 45 degree angle.

Squat Run [1:00 min]: Get into a staggered squat, holding light weights in your hands, and while crouchied pump your arms as if sprinting.

Sphinx Push-Ups [38 sec]: Lie down, forearms on the ground, and then do a push-up into a high plank. Lower yourself back down to your forearms, and keep going.

Bow to Boat [1:48 sec]: Lie on your bellies, and grasp your ankles behind your back, head raised. Then switch to boat, which involves spinning onto your butt, legs extended high, hands reaching toward your feet.

Low Lateral Skaters [1:13 sec]: Go into a deep sideways lunge and then shift your weight to the other side and lift your leg off the ground. Drift from side to side, always in deep lunge, raising your foot each time.

Lunge & Reach [31 sec x 4]: Get a light weight and drop into a deep sideways lunge. Straighten and twist, raising the weights up as if placing it on a shelf.

[Water Break]

P90X Before and After


Prison Cell Push-Up [1:27 sec]: Regular push-ups, but each time you lift, bring in a knee to your chest. Every two knees, hop up to your feet and raise your hands to the sky.

Side Hip Raise [35 sec x2]: Lie down on your side, elbow under shoulder, hands flat, other hand on your hips. Raise your hip in a side plank, bu t be sure to not to touch the ground each time you go down.

Squat X-Press [1:31 sec]: Get into a deep squat, light weights in hand, then rise into a standing position, arms flaring out to diagonally to form a capital ‘X’.

Plank to Chaturanga Run [1:00 min]: Get into plank and then run in place, keeping your butt down. Then lower your chest to the floor and keep running, knees coming out wide. Then come back up to plank again and keep going.

Walking Push-Ups [1:00 min]: Get into high plank, and lock it. Then walk forward with little steps and hand movements. 4 forward, 4 back.

Superman Banana [1:00 min]: Move back and forth from Superman (on your tummy) to Banana (lying on your back).

Lunge-Kickback Curl Press [3:19 sec]: Go into a deep lunge, leaning forward, kick the weights back into a tricep extension, then rise so that your torso is upright, do a curl, move it into a press, reverse it back down, and then stand.

Towel Hopping [1:00 min]: Roll up your towel and set it on the ground before you. Stand on the right and then start hopping from one side to the other.

Reach High & Under Push-Ups [1:09]: Get into high plank, go down into a push-up, then roll over to one side, stack your feet, and reach up to the sky. Scoot your hips high and reach under your hips to reach under them, and then reach back up once more time before going back down into another push-up.

Steam Engine [1:24 sec]: Lace your hands behind your head, and then while keeping head and chest up begin raising your knees and touching them to the opposite elbows.

Dreya Roll [1:01 sec]: Go from a standing position to a backward roll, legs rising vertically above you, and then roll back up to your feet and do a little jump.

Plank to Chaturanga Iso [1:04 sec]: Get into plank and hold it from ten seconds, then lower to the bottom of the push-up and hold that for ten seconds. Repeat.

The Half Back [1:00 min]: Leap forward from side to side as if plunging your feet into the bellies of a tire, and then hustle back down the middle.

Table Dip Leg Raise [56 sec]: Sit on your booty, hands behind you, and then raise your hips to the sky, raise a leg to the sky, and dip your hips five times before switching legs.

Cool Down [4:00 sec]

Cool off by inhaling your arms up and then bringing them down with some chest stretches. Then proceed with some light jogging, some ballistic stretching, shaking your arms out, followed by some huggers. Follow that by stirring the pot, just hang down, holding your elbows, hanging side to side.Then move into a downward dog, pedaling your heels. Do some cat/cow stretching for your back, and finish off with some good quad stretches.