P90X ReviewsTony says: The reason why chest, shoulders and triceps are in one workout together is because this is all about taking the energy and the resistance and pushing it all away from you. And that’s why it works. It’s just good old fashioned weight lifting 101, this stuff has been around a long time. But it’s kind of got lost out there in fancy gidgets and gadgets and stupid things that don’t work. If we neglect this, we can’t develop the shoulders and the chest as well. So it’s very important to work out the triceps as much or as hard as we do everything else.

Overview: This workout is extreme. If you’ve made it this far you should be in great shape and ready for it, or at least think you are. The challenges found within are enough to test anybody, even a fitness fanatic, so prepare to push yourself. My  personal favorites are all the interesting variations on tricep exercises; from Throw The Bomb to Side Tri Rise, you’ll be pushing and punishing your triceps every which way.

However, the cake is clearly taken by Tony’s ridiculously challenging final exercises. If the thought of One Arm Push-Ups and Plyo Push-Ups doesn’t make you gulp, than you should be applying to be an Army Ranger already. These final exercises will allow anybody to push their limit, and the rest of us to struggle and strain and feel a sense of accomplishment for even just hanging in there.

So have fun! Enjoy this workout. It’s big, full of large muscle moves, and will leave you feeling jacked and pumped like nobody’s business at the end of it.


The Workout:

Warm Up

You know the drill by now. The warm up for this workout is about 8:45 minutes, and kicks off with high knees, and then transition into jogging on the spot. Then you jog with knees wide, then heels to butt. Finish up and do some jumping jacks, some running lunges and you’re done with the warm up.

The stretches begin with some head rolls of various kinds, and then some shoulder rolls, both forward and back. Interlace fingers before you and roll shoulders forward, and then behind your back and stretch our your shoulders and pec. Do some reach and chest stretches, and then segue into some arm rotations. Do some shakers, some huggers, some swimmers, and finish it off with some reachers.

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Slow Motion 3 in 1 Push-Up [2:23 sec]: Start with 3 slow push-ups, hands wide, following Tony’s count, and then do another set with hands at regular width. Do a final 3 sets at military push-up width, still going slow. Then if you want bust out a ton of fast ones as a bonus with Tony.

In & Out Shoulder Flies [44 sec]: Stand straight and hold your weights by your side. Lift them stiff arm before you to shoulder height, then lower then. Lift them again out to the sides to shoulder height, and then lower them again.

Chair Dips [50 sec]: Place your hands behind you on a chair’s edge, and then lower yourself. To make it harder, raise a leg.

Plange Push-Ups [1:00 min]: Get into the position for a military push-up, and then slide your hands down to your rib-cage. Do a push-up, and at the top arch your back for height. Don’t raise your hips, but focus on your back.

Pike Press [48 sec]: Go into downward dog, butt in the air, feet on tiptoes, and lower your head to the floor for a push-up.

Side Tri-Rise [1:21 sec]: Lie on your side, legs extended out at a 30 degree angle, and press your hand against the floor to raise your torso off the ground. Place your other hand on your shoulder.

Floor Flys [1:29 sec]: This push-up requires a sliding surface, either a piece of cardboard or a towel. When you go down into the push-up, slide a hand out to the side on the towel. Switch hands half way.

Scarecrows [49 sec]: Get some light weights, stand straight, and hold your arms out to your sides, forearms vertical so your hands are pointed at the ground. Then raise them so that the weights are up, but keep the elbows stationary.

Overhead Tricep Extension [43 sec]: Hold a heavy weight behind your head with both hands, and straighten your arms so that the weight is raised above your head.

Two Twitch Speed Push-Ups [1:43 sec]: Do 3 fast push-ups, and then 3 slow push-ups at Tony’s count.

Y-Press [39 sec]: Stand straight, hold the weights by your side, and then elevate them into a shoulder press, but push them out wider than shoulder height to simulate a capital Y.

Lying Tricep Extensions [53 sec]: Lie on your back, weights held above your head, and then lower them to the ground on each side of your head. Raise them back up to a straight arm, and keep your elbows in place.

[Water Break 1:40 seconds]

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Side to Side Push-Ups [55 sec]: These are traveling push-ups, where each time you go down you cross over to walk back and forth across the floor.

Pour Flys [1:03 sec]: Stand straight, raise your arms laterally till they are extended out horizontally, and then turn the weights as if pouring a jug of water onto the floor.

Side Leaning Tricep Extensions [33 sec]: Sit on a chair, lean to one side, and raise a weight so that it’s above your head. Bend your arm so that the weight is lowered behind your head. Be sure to point your elbow straight up at the ceiling.

One Arm Push-Ups [46 sec]: Get really wide feet, go down on one arm, and switch every other push-up.

Weighted Circles [1:09 sec]: Stand straight, extend arms out laterally, and then do small circles with light weights in your hands.

Throw the Bomb [1:08 sec]: Stand in a boxer’s stance, hold a light weight in one hand overhead, and cock it back as if about to throw it. Extend the arm, then return it to the cocked position.

Clap or Plyo Push-Ups [29 sec]: Do a push-up with enough spring that you come off the ground and clap your hands, or come off the ground altogether.

Slow-Mo Throw [1:17 sec]: Sit in a chair, arms by your sides, raise them straight before you, and then bend at the elbows to bring the weights by your hears.

Front to Back Tricep Extensions [1:22 sec]: Stand straight, hip cocked out to one side, elbow pointing at the sky, and lift and lower a weight behind and before your head.

One Arm Balance Push-Up [1:29 sec]: Do a push-up then roll over to one side and lift a hand to the sky. Do a push-up, and do the other side.

Fly-Row-Press [2:02 sec]: Stand straight, raise the weights in a fly, elbows bent, then lower, bring the weights up to your ears and do a shoulder press. Reverse curl back down.

Dumbbell Cross Body Blows [57 sec]: Lie on your back and throw punches at the sky with weights in your hands. And you’re done!


Cool Down [4:30 sec]

Cool off with some ballistic stretching, shaking your arms out, followed by some huggers. Then do some pot stirrers, then rock like an elephant as your rise. Do some chest stretchers, some lateral arm extensions, and then just hang down, holding your elbows, hanging side to side.Then get on hands and knees to do a combination of cat/cow. Sit on your heels and finish of with your child’s pose.