Cardio XTony says: Cardio X is a critical part of this entire program because people need to burn calories. I want the stuff in Cardio X that people saw in other parts of the program. There’s a little bit of yoga in it, there’s a little kenpo, there’s a little bit of plyo in it, and there’s a little bit of core in it. It’s got a combination of a lot of different moves that gives you that burn that helps you burn those calories so that you can look X-cellent!


Tip of the Day: Make sure you eat enough – you need enough energy to get through all your workouts.

The Workout:

Warm Up

You know the drill by now. The warm up for this workout is about 6:00 minutes, and kicks off with some jogging on the spot, then heels to butt. Move into some jump rope and finish up with some jumping jacks.

The stretches begin with some wide forward bends to stretch out your hamstrings. Hang down, arms crossed, and then come up slowly. Step a foot forward and lean down over it. Switch legs and do the same. Stretch out your quads.

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Ashtanga Sun Salutations [2:54 sec]: Begin with your sun salutations, doing it twice. Start standing straight, arms to the sky, and then exhale and bend down, flat back, and collapse forward to touch your toes. Come up to a flat back, and then go back down. Step or jump back into plank, go down and then up to upward dog. Head up, shoulders down, then switch back into plank, do a pushup, then go into downward dog. Sitbones to the sky, arms straight, head loose, heels down, back straight. Jump your feet to your hands, inhale up to flat back, drop, then reverse swan dive back up.

Runners Pose [1:17 sec]: Once you’ve done that twice, go back down into plank, and swing a foot high into the sky and then forward into runner’s pose. Finger tips just barely touching the ground, knees over the ankle. Put the back foot where you started, do a vinyasa to upward dog, then plank, pushup, downward dog. From there float up the other leg, and kick it forward into runner’s pose. Back to plank.

Warrior One [1:20 sec]: This time you’re going to do your vinyasa and flow up to warrior one. Go up to downward dog, float a leg up, and then swing it forward into runner’s pose. From there raise your arms right above your head, and then back down to do another vinyasa.

Warrior 2 [1:23 sec]: Do the same again, and this time go up into Warrior 2. Float your leg up, swing it through, up to runner’s pose, arms up to warrior one, and then open up your arms to either side into warrior 2.

Warrior 3 [1:50 sec]: Do the same again, through warrior 1, through warrior 2, and then into reverse warrior. Back hand touches your leg, front arm reaches up to the sky.

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Kenpo Karate

Ball Kick [1:10 sec]: A simple forward kick, no higher than the waist.

Hook/Upper cut Side Kick [38 sec]: Throw a combination of hook and upper cut, and then follow that up with a side kick, again no higher than waist height.

Knuckles/Front Kick/Back Kick [54 sec x 2]: Throw knuckles with each arm, aiming to the front and 180 degrees behind you. Then kick to the front and unleash a back kick right after. Be sure to look back with the knuckles, then forward with the front kick, then back with the back kick.

Jab/Cross/Hook/Uppercut [1:04 sec x 2]: This is an all punch combination. Start slow and work your way to greater speed, using hips and twisting your feet to best effect. Throw the required punches in the right order.

Three Direction Kicks [24 sec x 2]: Throw a front kick, a side kick and then a back kick, maintaining good balance and posture.

Plyometrics x 2

Airborne Heisman [30 sec]: Leap from side to side, bringing the outer knee up each time into a semi-hug. Hold for a beat, and then leap across onto other foot, bringing that other knee up and holding it for a beat.

Swing Kicks [30 sec]: Set a stool before you, and swing your leg straight out over it, then back, and then do the other leg.

Jump Shots [30 sec]: Again, simple. Pretend to take jump shots, catching the ball and them leaping straight up, thirty seconds each side.

Monster Truck Tires [30 sec]: Imagine monster truck tires set before you. Leap from one to the other, hopping high from foot to foot as if plunging into them.

Wacky Jacks [30 sec]: Hard to describe this one. Kick your legs out to each side while waggling your arms over head in time to the kicks. Basically what five year olds do when they want cake. Drive the elbows to the hips.

Core Work

Squat Cross X-Press [43 sec]: Legs side, drop your seat to the ffloor and touch the ground, then straighten and reach for the sky. For the last ten reps, jump up off the floor as you straighten.

Steam Engine [1:18]: Lock your hands behind your head, and then cross right elbow to left knee and go alternating for the duration of the time.

The Dreya Roll [1:00 min]: Standing, drop into a back roll, legs high, and then roll back up to your feet, standing and jumping in the last variations.

Squat Run [1:00 min]: After the Wacky Jacks, this is the second silliest looking move in the workout. Lower down into a staggered squat, and then wiggle your butt from side to side and piston your arms as if running. And go!

Superman/Banana [1:00 min]: Do a superman, on your tummy, legs and arms extended and lifted, and then roll onto your back for a banana, basically the same position but on your backs.

Cool Down [4:00 sec]

Cool off with some light jogging, some ballistic stretching, shaking your arms out, followed by some huggers. Follow that with some jump rope, and then march and kick. Do some chest stretchers and then just hang down, holding your elbows, hanging side to side.Then move into a downward dog, pedaling your heels. Do some cat/cow stretching for your back, and finish off with some good quad stretches.