P90X Back and BicepsTony says: Back and biceps is simple old school. It’s about using exercises where you’re pulling toward your body, pulling toward your body. It would almost be impossible to avoid the burn, but the burn is there for a reason. If you go back, double bicep, back, double bicep and that sequence burns calories, you feel the burn in your arms and your back, and man if you really work hard and bring it you’re going to see awesome results. You’re working two body parts in one direction and you’re blasting them in one workout. Magic.

Overview: Man oh man, prepare to blast your biceps like nothing else. A full 2/3rds of this workout is bicep intensive, so if you have anything left by the end of this you clearly didn’t do it right. Enjoy the pull-ups as they give you a break from the arms, and don’t be surprised if you don’t do as many pull-ups as you did earlier in the week. Just go with the flow, enjoy the workout, and bring it!


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The Workout:

Warm Up

You know the drill by now. The warm up for this workout is about 6:20 minutes, and kicks off with some high knees followed by running in place and then the wide knee variation. Continue jogging with heels up and then standard jumping jacks and pullers.

Roll your head from side to side, stretching out your neck, and then do some shoulder rolls and shoulder/tricep stretches. Reach up to the sky and pull wide to stretch out your chest, then lower down into a squat and do a tapas stretch.  Then rotate your arms in both directions and then go into shakers and huggers. Go into some reachers followed by clasping your  hands together and stretching out your back and behind your back to stretch out your shoulders.

Wide Front Pull-Ups [55 sec]: Simple. Hands wider than shoulder width, palms facing away.

Lawnmowers [31 sec]: Deep lunge, one forearm resting on knee, other pulling weight up.

Twenty-Ones [57 sec]: Do bicep curls, half from bottom to midline, the rest from midline to top.

One Arm Cross Body Curls [1:20 sec]: Alternate curls and pull the weight up across your body as you do.

Switch Grip Pull-ups [59 sec]: Alternate between overhand pull-ups and palms facing you, every two reps.

Elbow Out Lawnmovers [31 sec]: Same as before, but this time flare your elbows out.

Standing Bicep Curls [49 sec]: Do standard curls with both arms at once.

One Arm Concentration Culrs [43 sec]: Go into a deep lunge, prop one elbow on your knee, rest other arm on that forearm and curls.

Corn Cob Pull-Ups [1:01 sec]: Lift up in a wide grip pull-up, and then swing from side to side and push out before lowering.

Reverse Grip Bent Over Rows [31 sec]: Bend over, grip weights in both hands, and pull them straight up.

Open Arm Curls [53 sec]: Stand straight, and do curls, palms facing toward the front, curling up on the outside.

Static Arm Curls [58 sec]: Stand straight, hold one weight half way and do 4 curls with the other. Then hold that one halfway and do 4 reps with the first arm.

[Water Break]

P90X Before and After



Towel Pull-Ups [50 sec]: Wrap a towel over your pull-up bar, and do pull-ups with one hand holding it. Do 2 reps with each hand.

Congdon Locamotive [34 sec]: Bend over and grab two weights. Piston them up in alternate fashion as if you were the cheeriest of choo-choo trains.

Crouching Cohen Curls [48 sec]: Crouch, place your elbows on the inside of your knees and do static rusl.

Corkscrew Curls [1:33 sec]: Stand straight, hold weights by your side, palms facing the back, do a curl, rotating weights as they go up.

Chin Ups [50 sec]: Regular chin-ups.

Seated Bent Over Back Flys [41 sec]: Sit on a chair, lean forward, grab two weights and do flies with them.

Curl Up/Hammer Down [58 sec]: Do a curl up, turn the weights and lower them like a hammer.

Hammer Curls [44 sec]: Do standard curls but with the weights oriented vertically.

Max Rep Pull-Ups [56 sec]: Do alternating pull-ups/chin-ups to max reps.

Superman [1:12 sec]: Everybody lies down on the floor on their tummies and lift arms and chest off the ground.

In Out Hammer Curls [1:37 sec]: Grab your weights and alternate hammer curls with wide out curls.

Strip Set Curls [24 sec]: Alternate between increasingly heavier weights with standard curls.

Cool Down [4:00 sec]

Cool off by doing some pot stirrers, some shakers and huggers. Then by inhaling your arms up and then bringing them down with some chest stretches. Move into some static side stretches, and you’re done!