The workout begins with a warm up by Emma and Sheldon. While only five minutes long, it’s critical that you take this seriously as it puts you through your paces and helps you prepare for all the coming exercises:  the deadlift, the slow dead row, the upright row and more. What you need to focus on here is perfect posture and joint mobility, trying to get your body warmed up without wearing it out.

Emma and Sheldon then lead you through a series of squats, which are the perfect compound exercise because they hit your legs, hips, core, back, and shoulders. Bes sure to keep your knees behind your toes, to keep your back straight, chest raised, and look ahead.

The two Ben’s then take over, and lead you through a series of different chest presses. Follow them tempo wise, and remember that the goal here is not heavy weight but max reps, so load your bar accordingly. After chest, Ben & Ben will lead you through a legs and back routine, helping you burn through the deadlift, dead row, clean press.

Dan & Rachel then step up and lead you through a triceps torching routine. You’ll being with kneeling triceps kickbacks, and them move to triceps overhead extensions and triceps pushups. After that it’s time to burn your biceps, and Dan & Rachel will take you through the curls necessary to do so.

Emma and Sheldon step up to lead you through the legs section – more squats and lunges. From there they  burn your shoulders with a combination of kneeling deltoid raises, standing side delt raise, Mac raise, and presses.

Wrap it up with Dan & Rachel as they target your core with a punishing combo of crunches and leg lowers. Breathe deep! Once you finish this last section, it’s time for the cool down!

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