First, let’s take a look at your barbell. It should come in two pieces, so take the ends and secure them by screwing them together. Your kit should also come with 10lbs and 5lbs plates. Simply take the barbell in one hand and slide the weight right to the collar. Take your safety clips and slide it on right to the plate and close it off real tight. Be sure you hear them click to know that they’re locked in!

Set Position

Form is incredibly important, and the foundation of Les Mills pump is the set position. Feet should be hip width apart (you can check by placing a 5 lb. plate between your feet). Suck your belly in, make sure your knees are bent, and then pick up the weight. Once you’re standing roll your shoulders back and make sure you’re standing with an overhand grip, thumbs over the bar. If asked during a workout to take a wide grip then place your hands one hand grip wider. Underhand is the reverse. For Split stance, take one leg back and evenly distribute your weight between them. When you put the bar down bend your knees and keep your back straight.

Rep Effect

Traditional weight training uses heavy weights for short reps. Les Mills doesn’t – instead you will be using light weights with many reps so as to get your heart rate right up and burn fat more effectively.

Rythm and Timing

The workouts will be done to 4 to 6   minutes of incredible music, with the tempo dictated by the songs. Music helps you get through a tough workout, inspiring you to go further than you thought you could. Occasionally during the workout the trainer will ask you to take a certain tempo, so here are the possibilities you be called on:

  • 4/4 : Super slow, with four beats up and four beats down for maximum intensity
  • 2/2 : Medium pace, going up and down at a regular but faster speed
  • 3/1 : Take your time going up, and then lower quickly
  • 1/3 : The opposite, go up fast, and then feel that resistance as you go down slow
  • Singles: The most intense, go up and down very quickly, usually happens during a high point!


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