The workout begins with Rachel as she leads you through the Warm Up. Remember, the warm up is critical as it will help you prepare for the main exercises by warming your body and getting your blood flowing. Assume the set position, and then prepare to work your way through the ½ deadlift, ½ deadlift row, the split stance upright row, overhead press, squats, lunges, switch legs, ½ deadlift underhand, ½ deadlift underhand row, and bicep curls. Once you’re done with these you should be ready to go!

Sheldon then takes the stage and leads you through the workhorse of the session, the squat. Remember to keep your knees behind your toes, your back straight, your chin raised, and chest out. Sink down low enough that the underside of your thighs are parallel to the ground, and lift with your hips.

Joel then steps up and takes you through a series of chest presses. These are simple and effective, and change by tempo and speed. Remember to keep your grip shoulder width apart, to arch your back enough that there is a space beneath your lower back but not so much that you can do more than slide a fist beneath you.

Dan then leads you through a series of clean and press and dead rows. These are slightly more technically challenging, so pay attention and focus on how he executes them.

Susan steps up to torch your lower body as she puts you through an intense leg routine, which Jericho follows up with a Shoulders series that will have you doing pushups, rear deltoid raises, side raises, Mac raises, and finally overhead press. Are you ready to torch your core? Sheldon will put you through a series of belly burning moves consisting of plank with side sweeps, crunches, cross crawls. Then you’re done, and it’s time for your cool down!


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