Quick word of advice: be sure to start with light weights and not push yourself too hard in the beginning. It’s easy to let your ego get you in trouble and make you do more than your body is ready, so start light and feel free to add weights as you grow accustomed to the routine.

Petter will start you off with the warm-up. Add light weights, and then prepare to raise your temperature. First he’ll walk you through the moves, and then when the track hits and the music starts, it’s time to burn. The warm-up consists of lowering the barbell from a standing position to your knees by bending forward, and then Petter throws in a series of rows where you pull the bar to your chest as you stand bent over. Follow his tempo as he goes faster and slower.

Next comes Asa, and she’s going to really torch your legs with the mother of all full body exercises: the squat. Put a decent amount of weight on the bar and rest it across your shoulders. Be sure to pinch your shoulder blades, keep your back straight, don’t let your knees travel over your toes, and lift with your hips. Follow Asa as she once again varies the tempo, from fast to slow, from half squat to full squat.

Emma steps up next to work your back and legs, pushing you through a variety of wide rows that you warmed up with at the beginning, and then some clean and presses. The clean and press is a great exercise but takes some practice, so be sure to follow her carefully.

Finally Ben will set the barbell aside and take you to the ground as he helps torch your core with a mixture of crunches and slow leg and arm lowering moves.

When you’re done, allow Emma to lead you through a stretch/cool down, and go take your recovery shake!

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