Cory kicks the workout off with a series of back and hover exercises. Remember that precision and control are more important here than the number of reps, so if you find yourself flailing around, take a deep breath and search for your focus once more.

Main Workout W/ Cory

  1. Get on your back, feet hip width apart, and do slow knee raises
  2. Scissor Legs – same as before but with alternating knees
  3. Cross Crawl – same as before, but now touch elbow to opposite knee
  4. Crunches – do these slowly
  5. Crunches/Knee Lifts – same as before, but with knee raises thrown in
  6. Double Leg Extension – challenge yourself by extending both legs up and out at 45 degrees
  7. Crunches Double Leg Extension – same as before but w/crunches
  8. Cross Crawl –
  9. Hover: get into plank, elbows under shoulders and on your knees, and walk up into push up
  10. Single Leg Extension – get on your back and extend one leg
  11. Iron Cross – raise your legs and shoulders off the ground, arms to the side
  12. Hover – elbows under shoulders, knees wide, walk up into push up
  13. Single Leg Extensions
  14. Iron Cross
  15. Walking Hover / Leg Lift – same as the hover but now with single leg lifts
  16. Switch Sides on Walking Hover

Obliques with Dan

  1. Alt. Leg Extension, drop to side and extend
  2. Alt. Leg Extension with roll
  3. Side Hover Crunch – prop yourself up on arm and knee and extend other arm and leg out and crunch them back in.
  4. Switch Sides
  5. Side Plank Crunch
  6. Switch Sides
  7. “The Hundred” Boat with floor taps, just like the Pilates exercise

Well done! You should be dripping with sweat and your core should be on fire. Check in with yourself, towel off, and drink some water!


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