As always, start with a solid warm up. In this workout you’ll be following Les Mill Jr., the son of the original Les Mills for whom this workout is named! Follow him through a tough sequence, but remember, this is just the warm up so go slow and steady. Begin with a deadlift, and then transform that into a deadlift row. Stand up straight to do an upright row, and then do a series of squats. Move into lunges, and then warm up the shoulders with some overhead presses. Do some more deadlifts, and then switch your grip on the bar to underhand so as to do bicep curls followed by bicep rows.

Feeling warmed up? Good! Here comes Susan to lead you through some killer squats. Remember, don’t let your knees go past your toes, keep your back straight, chest up, lift with your hips and keep those shoulders tight!

Joel will then lead you through some chest exercises, which mostly consist of bench press from the ground. Keep your hands slightly wider than shoulder width, be sure to have a little space under the small of your back, but don’t arch too much.

Here comes the big man: Petter is going to lead you through a series of clean and press and finish with some deadlift rows. As always, keep a focus on straight back.

Asa will then blast your triceps. Start standing and lowering the weight back behind your head to extend straight, and then lie down to do the same once more.

Jericho then torches your biceps with a serious series of moves, while Petter comes back to incinerate your lower body with a punishing combination of squats / lunges,

Susan comes back to work your chest and back with a series of pushups, kneeling rows, standing rows, Mac rows, barbell row, and the press. Finally, Les Mill Jr. returns to incinerate your core and then Joel will lead you into the final cool down.

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