Pump BasicsThis is your introduction to the equipment and the theory behind the Les Mills workout. In this video you will learn not only how to properly assemble your gear, but also what to expect in each workout, how to let the music take you to the next level, and how to ensure that you have the perfect posture throughout. It may seem basic, but trust us: getting this part absolutely right from the get-go will ensure that you get the best results in the long run.Click here to read more.

Hard-Core Abs This is a short but incredibly tough workout that will torch your core like no other. What you will need going in is a yoga mat or other soft surface for you to exercise on, along with a towel and a bottle of water. No warm up is necessary, as the workout will gradually increase the heat in your center until you are dripping with sweat. As with every Les Mills workout, one of the trainers will be ready at the side to help you with modifications should the main exercises prove to be too challenging, so always check in with what Trainer Asa is doing if you need to scale the workout down a notch. Click here to read more.

Pump and Burn This thirty minute workout will be your introduction to the Les Mills workout program that will be lengthening, toning, and transforming your body. You are going to need a decent amount of space in which to work the barbell and lie down, but as long as you have room to move, you’re set. Today the five trainers are going to lead you through a total body sequence, blasting all your major muscle groups so that you get a total body burn. The moves are basic but compound in nature, meaning that your whole body will be recruited to do each one as you go through squats, presses and more. Click here to read more.

Flow One of the best aspects of the Les Mills Workout is how they understand that developing a lean and excellent physique cannot be done with just the bar. While building muscle and doing compound exercises will torch calories and help you get lean and toned, you need to ensure that you don’t become stiff and tight as a result as you do so. Toward that end they have the Les Mills Flow class, an absolutely essential addition to their repertoire. Click here to read more.

Pump ExtremeThe best part of any Les Mills workout is how it will torch your complete body. While most other workouts will target a section – say chest and back, or shoulders and legs – Les Mills is able to deliver a total body burn each time through compound exercises that torch every large muscle group you have. However, because it works through the concept of Rep Effect, you are able to do these workouts without burning out, as you are not going for max weight but rather low weights and high rep number. This allows you to perform an exercise such as the Pump Extreme without feeling overloaded or burned out, which is critical for a comprehensive exercise such as this one.Click here to read more.

Pump RevolutionThis is one of the most intense Les Mills workouts, clocking in at 55 min and torching your whole body in the process. If you want to get through this workout in one piece, then you absolutely need to observe perfect form and not try to do more than your body can handle. Remember, form is always more important that the number of reps you do or the amount of weights you lift, so be sure to follow the trainer’s exact moves as best you can to ensure perfect execution.Click here to read more.