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Shaun T Explains Insanity’s Core Moves

Insanity Workout Review: Lloyd B.

Before INSANITY I thought I was fit. I was in the Army for ten years. We did physical training every day, so I thought I was in great shape. I got out of the Army this year in June so I went home and I was eatin’ that down-home cooking all summer. I wasn’t working out consistently, so I put on about 20, 30 pounds. Day 1 of INSANITY we start working out and immediately and I’m like, “Wow, this is really intense.” For about ten minutes and I’m goin’ and I’m drenched in sweat and then Shaun says, all right, that was the warm-up. I’m like wait a minute. You know I’m also gassin’ here and we’re just getting’ started, and it’s true by the fourth week the warm-up actually feels like a warm-up, but the first three weeks it’s definitely a workout.

Sixty days later, 27 pounds later, just a whole lifestyle change is taking place. Wow, you know I’ve seen the change, from before INSANITY until now, but it’s not until you put those two guys up side by side. My “before” picture was horrible. And I thought I was in pretty good shape. But looking at myself now, aw man, I’d run circles around that guy. With INSANITY, you’re gonna hit walls, but my challenge to anybody that gets the DVD is never press pause. If you never press pause you’ll get in shape. You have no choice because he’s gonna push you and push you and push you. All you need is INSANITY for yourself and your will and just keep up with Shaun and the results will speak for themselves. After surviving INSANITY for 60 days I feel great. I can’t stop—I gotta get some more.


Insanity Workout Review: Rachel B.

With INSANITY you are pushing yourself and then you’re pushing yourself a little bit more and then when you think this is it I’ve got no more, Shaun says something like, “Yes you do, you’ve got a little bit more to give.” And that’s what you need, you know, to be able to get to the next level. As a fitness instructor, I’m a big fan of the gadgets. Y’know, give me some tubes, give me a spin bike, give me some dumbbells, the more the merrier? I remember the day I met Shaun and he said, “Are you ready?” I stepped forward and I said, “Are you ready?” And Shaun’s like, “For what?” I said, “For me.” And he was kind of like, “Okay, let’s see what you can do.” Within the warm-up I was struggling. And that was such a shock to me to think that I’m fit, I’m athletic, and I’m struggling in the warm-up. It really made me realize that I’ve got a ways to go. Now, by the end of the program I’m just amazed at how far I’ve come. I don’t even recognize this body—I lost 3 inches around my waist, I never thought it was possible for my stomach to be this flat, be this tiny. Before INSANITY I was wearing a size 6. I was so happy that I could squeeze myself into a size 6. And now my size-6 jeans are like falling off—now you can’t keep the clothes on me.



Doug G.

In the 60 days since I started INSANITY I’ve lost 30 pounds, I’ve lost 30 inches of body mass, 6-1/2 inches around the waist, couple of inches here, couple of inches here, couple of inches off the legs. I mean my “before” and “after” pictures are just shocking. INSANITY let the real me sort of come back out. I was athletic as a young guy, played sports through college, you know I did all these things and as you get older and you get stuck behind a desk and you just don’t get to work out the way you used to or focus on your body the way you used to. And this has sort of let me get back to what I was like in my early 20s. You know, I’m 37 now and I feel like I’m 15 years younger. As tough as INSANITY got, you get sort of addicted to it and you want to keep pushing. I mean you’re putting a lot of sweat into this thing, and you’re seeing it come off of you in the workout. You don’t doubt that you’re losing weight in that workout because sweat is coming off you like a river when you’re pushing yourself that hard. When I saw my “before” and “after” pictures up next to each other on that computer screen, I mean there’s that moment when you feel the little tingle on the back and the blush going on, like holy —-, I am a different person now. And for sure it blew me away. I’m not done yet, you don’t finish. Just because the first 60 days are over, you can keep being insane as long as you want.


Alysia M.

I love it—it’s outta control—it’s cross training, it’s intervals, I mean he has put together such a great workout you just, you don’t want to stop when you stop, take a three-second break and come right into it with us—it’s so much fun—these are my favorite ones! I’m in my forties now, I have twins who are 4-1/2 now. I mean after having my twins I never thought my stomach would be so taut. I have these phenomenal abs right now. My upper abs are the best they’ve ever been. And it’s not just the superficial layer—it’s deep, deep, deep. It’s what you want from all those other programs that say they’re gonna get you. I have not done one crunch. I have not done one sit-up on the floor. And it’s been all me. There’s been no weights, nothing. This program peeled off all those layers that were covering me for all those years and now my 40s are gonna be rockin’ . . . my 50s are gonna be sensational. I didn’t think I had all that weight to lose, I didn’t think I had all those inches to lose, but I gained an inch in my arms and they are so cute now—I love them

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