Insanity Max Interval Plyo.
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As you’ve no doubt discovered, the Max workouts of the second month are a whole new kind of animal. If you thought the first INSANITY workouts were tough, well, this is where you’ve really got to dig deep.

Max Interval Plyo Key Takeaways & Pro Tips

Max Interval Plyo Details

Max Interval Plyo comes in at about 55 minutes. That’s a 10 minute warm up, eight minutes of stretching all told, and thirty seven minutes of the main interval training.

Since you know how intense Shaun can make even half that time, prepare yourself for this longer haul.

The warm up lasts about ten minutes, and consists of three sets of the same eight exercises. The first two rounds are about four minutes each, and the last is only two, but don’t think it will be any easier for that-as with other warm ups, the pace picks up, until by the last round you’re going as fast as you possibly can. The warm up is followed by a water break, and then you’re into the stretch.

  • Jog
  • Jumping Jacks – Arms Up (instead of swinging your arms up from your sides, you punch them right up into the air)
  • 123 – 123 (your old friend, shuffle side step to one side, knee up, then back)
  • Jump Rope S-S (pretend to jump rope, making small jumps from side to side, and moving your hands across as if swinging the rope)
  • High Knees, Arms Out (arms extended out to the side, knees rising above hip height)
  • Switch Kicks
  • Hit The Floor (side to side shuffle, reaching down to touch the floor at each end)
  • S-S Floor Hops

The stretch is a good, long one, and you need to make the most of this if you’re going to survive the workout. As always, you’ll be pouring sweat by now, the warm up having really gotten your system going. Make the most of the hamstring stretches because the next forty minutes are going to be rough.

As the name of the workout says, this is Max Interval Plyo. So you have three different sets of exercises, the first two composed of three rounds of repetitions with a 30 minute water break between.

The final set lasts the longest, and consists of the hardest moves, so try to pace yourself. You’ll find that even though these sets are punishing, they give you enough time to recover your breath. So you should finish strong, maintaining high intensity right up to the end, even if it leaves you completely beat.

1st Round: 4:13 min / 2nd Round: 3:04min / 3rd Round: 4:30 min

  • Switch Jump: (45 sec) Jump, rotate, fall into squats.
  • Squat Push-Ups: (45 sec) Squat position, fall into push up, back up into squat with tri-ceps
  • Wide In & Out Abs: (45 sec) Push up position, legs wide, in & out with legs.
  • Power Jumps: (45 sec) Squat, jump up into the air, slap thighs, repeat.
  • 3rd Set only: V-Push Up One Leg (30 sec each leg) Push up position, butt high in the air, do push up’s, one leg raised to make it harder.

30 sec water break

1st Round: 4.30 min / 2nd Round: 3.30min / 3rd Round: 4:11min

  • Pogo Right: Right leg up, arms right overhead, reach down, touch the ground, then hop upon straightening up.
  • Power Push Up: Push up position, when you pop up, scissor your feet and hands together so you’re standing and touching your toes, then back down.
  • Globe Twists: From a squat, leap from one side to the other, going up and bringing it back down, shoulder to knee.
  • Level 3 Drills: Go down, do 16 push-ups, plank position and run it out for 16 counts. Up, and then down and repeat.
  • 3rd Set only: Power Lunges/Hop Squats: Alternate lunges with two hop squats.

Water break – 30 seconds

6:22 min Total

  • Side Push Ups: Knees together, body up, place one hand directly down, extend your legs, one foot resting on the other, and do 16 push ups.
  • Kickstand Touch the Floor: From a runner’s start, leap up, bringing the back leg up, knee to chest, then back down into a runner’s pose.
  • 8 Power Knees/4 Diamond Jumps: Side stance, bring your knee into your hands, then do squat jumps, arms going all the way out and up, and then back down, feet kicking up to your butt.
  • Balance Push Up: Push up position, down, elbows close to your sides, then come up, opposite arm and leg extending out into a balance position, than back down and switch. Set of 12!

The cool down stretch will be most welcome, and though it seemed like it would never come, you’ll love it when it finally arrives. It’s a long stretch, but don’t rush it-if you want to stay in good form for the rest of the workouts over the course of the week, you’ll want to stretch out well and be in good shape tomorrow.
Remember! This level of intensity is one few people can accomplish. If you can finish this workout, you’re definitely amongst the elite!

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