Hip Hop Abs is awesome. What other workout can help you burn so many calories and lose so much weight while having so much fun? If your goal is to get fit while listening to great music and having a blast moving and grooving with Shaun T and his crew, than Hip Hop Abs is most definitely for you. But too many people think that they can simply put the DVD’s into the player and get results. Just like they might ignore the requirements of the nutrition plan, they also might ignore the right order that the Hip Hop Abs are required to be played. The result? Confusion, poor results, and exhaustion.Too many people acquire only the DVD’s and think they are set. They then play them in random order, often attempt to do too many in one week and then not enough workouts the next week, and the result is a disaster. They burn out, they get tired, they hurt themselves or fail to achieve the results they had hoped for.The only way to truly succeed at Hip Hop Abs is to follow the master plan that Shaun T designed. Remember, he put this plan together after much careful thought, and you need to follow the calendar exactly as he stipulated so as to be able to achieve perfect body transformation results. Skipping out or changing the order will result in less than optimum results, so trust Shaun T, trust the professionals, and follow his workout calendar!

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