Warm Up

Kick it off with some sliding side steps, and then move back and forth as you push at the air, heating your shoulders and legs. Side to side, back and forth, alternating between these moves. Throw in some side lunges that let you stretch out your hamstrings, and then bend over and arch and flatten your back to get a good stretch. Ready to go?


3 Tier Squats! Time to get to work. Lean down into deep squats, and once you build up a good burn, start coming up at oblique angles, leaning from side to side. Time to take it to Tier 2, go faster! Now it’s the final Tier, go all out! Feet together, make it work! Pulse and bounce, and you’re done!

Take It to the Hoop is next. Deep squat, arms in a circle before you, and then swing your arms from side to side, really bringing in that core. Then bring up the knees, arms still hooped out before you, and then bam! It’s time to bust those high knees out as fast as you can!

Weight Room Party! Start with the Party Walk, pulsing and bouncing in place, tilting and tucking and crunching those abs. That done, begin with some shoulder presses from a deep squat. You need to shake it out, and then go again, this time tilting out to each side. Make it burn! Weighted Arms come next, working that crunch and core as you hold the weigths before your chest. You should really be feeling the burn at this point!

End things off with a fierce cardio burn! Move from side to side, arms out, and make sure your steps are broad and sweeping. Arms swing now, tilting and turning your torso, and go deep for that burn, moving as fast to the sides as you can.

More weights follow, with the Bicep Tricep Toner. These are as intense as you make them, so bend deep and extend them back. Then comes the Oblique Slammer, followed by some more cross and high knees. Really gain some height with these! Then it’s time to take it to the mat, and do some planks, some child poses, some push ups and finally end it off with a well deserved cool down!