Shaun T first introduces you to his crew, and then he shows you the basics, from learning how to walk with swagger to combing head turns and spins and moves.
Each combo sequence that Shaun T introduces you to gets broken down into it’s component steps. He teaches you step by step until you can then string them altogether and create the full sequence yourself.

These combos involve such moves as stepping forward, dips and turns, arm swings and all of them have plenty of attitude.
Now, what’s the value of over 20 minutes of dance combinations? They’re tough! You’ve got to throw yourself into these, you’ve got to move with snap, with alacrity, you’ve got to have energy and rhythm. These are hard to develop, but as you follow Shaun T and his crew through the moves you’ll burn those calories like you wouldn’t believe.
What kind of dancing is this? This is hip hop, yo!

You’re going to want plenty of attitude, plenty of swagger, confidence and attitude. You’re going to be burning up a sweat as you learn the sequences. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to train with a dance squad that would perform as backup dancers in music videos? Elbow jabs, hip gyrations, cross steps, arm swings, dips and bows, the whole comes together seamlessly as Shaun T breaks it down.

Now the way the whole sequence works is that Shaun T has an extended sequence he wants to teach you. He wants to train you to perform the whole, and the way he does this is by breaking this squence down into maneagable bites. Each chunk is composed of some five moves, and he teaches you them before moving to the next part.

The end result is when he strings all these parts together, and before you know it you’re moving through an awesome dance sequence like the pro’s!
This workout is perhaps the most fun of them all. Follow Shaun, move and groove with him, and you’ll be dripping sweat like the dancers on the screen by the time you’re done!

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