This is Shaun T’s introductory workout, where he breaks down the secrets to his workout. He introduces you to the secrets of Tilt, Tuck and Tighten, the tricks behind his exercise secrets. These principles run through his entire workout.

Tilt is simple: you simple lean forward slightly, not hunched or slouched but leaning forward. Tuck is also simple, and simply involves Tilting, and then you tuck your tailbone in and under, so that you are now forming a curve. The final move is Tighten, and involves really clenching your abs and inhaling them tight so that the whole core grows hard and rock solid.

From there Shaun shows you how to combine all three together, Tilting, then Tucking, and then exhaling to Tighten it all.
He then shows you how to do two moves.

The first is the Basic Bounce and involves standing with your feet together, and simply bending your knees. There you go—the Basic Bounce! From there you Tuck and Tighten and Tilt so as to get the core workout in!

The second move is the Party Bounce, and involves bouncing from side to side, Tucking, Tilting and Tightening as you do, legs wide, moving from side to side. Throw in some arms, and you’re grooving!

Shaun then shows you how to do the Plank and the C-Sit, and you’re done!
Remember, when using these moves in the main workouts, you want to rmemeber these principles so as to get the maximum burn for your core possible.

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