Warm Up

Start with some sideways moves, some side steps and different variety of arm swings and reaches. You’re going to be bouncing and pulsing, moving from side to side. Then move into a simple march, side to side steps, and then begin to pulse and bob and weave. Get that body temperature up! Finish the warm up with some reaches to the sky, then it’s time to rock!



Lower Body Groove: Time to start some hip pulses, stepping out to side and back up. Then put in some arm pushes, always pulsing the hips. Keep it intense! Speed it up, keep stepping, and then drop it back.

Next is the Heel-Toe! Move your foot forward, heel to front toe, and then go deeper, starting to look like a lunge, bust in some arms, and you should be really burning!

Core Lower Body Blast! Kick it off with some deep squats, hands coming together, butt reaching down to the floor. Go low, and then start squatting and bobbing! Then go into a deep squat, and push and press your arms down toward either foot. Make your abs burn with this one! Get in low, and then reach down to each opposite foot. Go faster and faster for maximum benefit!

Time for some lunges. You know these are going to burn, go side to side, down and down, in time with the beat. Ever lower, working the arms, side to side. Then its stime for some pelvic thrusts, and then to rotate that pelvis around in a circle. Do the other side!

Side leg raises complete this phase, and be sure to get that leg up high!
Now! Time for the Glute Trimmer. Get on all fours, and then kick back, extending one leg behind you. Make sure to elevate that foot! Hold it, get that burn, and then pulse it up in the air.
Time to cool down. This is important people, this is important!

Stretch out your hamstrings, pull your knee to your chest, and really extend your back. Then get on your tummy and push your upper body toward the ceiling. Excellent! Make sure to get the most from this, because that’s how you’ll avoid being in pain the next day.

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