Warm Up

Take advantage of the warm up. This is where you raise your core temperature, where you warm up your joints and and stretch out your muscles. Pay special attention to your hamstrings and back, and really go deep into those stretches because you’re going to be hitting them hard!


Start off with the Party Dance Combo. This is going to seem familiar if you know your Tilt, Tuck and Tighten, so really focus on your core as you side step and bounce. You’re going to want to really shrug those shoulders and go deep into your side steps. Pick up the speed and go! Party Bounce time. Lean and tilt to each side, arms by your side, and then when you’re ready take them up and added to the pulse! Keep it intense and and then come up to a stand and fist pump the sky.
Time to put it all together! Move from the side to side step, then push the sky, then hop and hop and you’re doing the whole combo! Are you dripping sweat yet?

Night Fever Combo is up next! Pay attention as Shaun T teaches you the individual moves. Cross step from side to side as you pump your arms down, and then begin the next step which is to cross step with heel turns. Put in some attitude! Finally, press the floor, elbows flared, hands pushing down to the ground, still side stepping with broad steps.

The next combo is the Get Busy Combo, and once again Shaun T breaks it down for you, helping you understand the steps. The first is the Toe to Heel combo, working in place as you break out a sweat. Then put in some attitude and really stick that foot our, arms slicing out to the sides. String it altogether and you are set, making a whole combo come together!

Your last combo is the Freak It Out Combo, so give it all you got! Cross your arms as you front step, then raise your knees and kick out to the front. Combine it altogether at high speed, and you should burn burn burn!

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