Warm Up

Take the opportunity here to try and break into a sweat as Shaun will really be turning up the heat after this. The warm up involves a bunch of side steps, a bunch of arm pushes, the Roll-In where you swing your arms from side to side, still swaying as you go. Throw in some knees and you’re set!



Start off the main workout with the Flava Jam! Do the Tilt and Tuck, crunching those abs, feeling the burn as you crunch them by raising your knees. Punch down with each knee raise for extra benefit. Then jack up the speed! Move back and forth, keep the knees raising, keep the arms pumping. You should be dripping sweat!
This move is brutal if done right, moving back and forth, crunching and pulsing as you go, knees rising and shoulders shrugging down. Do it right!

Now for the Oblique Flexor Flava. Open your knees out wide to the side, making your obliques come into play. You’re still going to punch your arms down, and then tilt to the side and bring those knees up again, a side ways knee thrust. Make it burn!

The “3T” Groove is next, and it’s awesome. Exhale and make your core tight, and then turn and do cross punches while holding that intensity in your core. Turn into a slight sideways lunge as you do. Pick up the speed, keep the core tight, and keep cross punching. Time for Hands Up! Lift your arms straight at the sky, and then tilt from side to side and crunching down into your obliques. Move and tilt and fight to get that burn. Then swing into circles, hands still up in the sky as if you were stirring your spine within the basin of your pelvis.

Time to Get Busy. This move involves deep crunching intensity into your core as you punch and stire and pulse and bounce.

Time for the “C” Jam. Get on your bat, lean back onto your sitbone, and then hold. Do side pulses, and then rock over to ther side. You’ll do another couple of varieties here, and then it’s time for your stretch! Keep the intensity high by leaning back, and you’re done!

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