Discipline, motivation, habit, dedication, and desire: all of these are crucial if you want to complete an extreme training workout that will push you to the very edge of your limits and beyond.

However, over time, your body will be ground down and worn out by the intensity of your exercise, and there will come a day when you are simply beat, unable to get out of bed. That’s when you need E&E Energy and Endurance, when you need the extra kick to keep going with your workouts and stay on track.

There are a thousand different kinds of stimulants out there, from the natural to the synthetic, from the legal to the black market goods. The E&E Energy and Endurance formula is made of almost two dozen of the very best and powerful supplements that will rev up your energy levels, hone your focus, and fuel your body for the most challenging for workouts.

Whether you’re rolling out of bed first thing in the morning or coming home to your workout exhausted after a long day of work, E&E Energy and Endurance will get you in fighting shape to attack your next workout. Don’t let the heavy or exhausting days knock you off track: fight back with E&E Energy and Endurance.  Here is our review.

What Are the Key Ingredients ?

E&E Energy and Endurance is made of almost two dozen ingredients, each specially chosen by Beachbody’s team of nutrition experts to deliver the most natural, most beneficial, and longest lasting dose of energy to your system. They can be broken down into six categories:

  1. Advanced nitric oxide boosters: these are three combinations of L-Arginine, L-Arginine AKG, and L-Arginine HCI. When combined, these amino acids help reduce the amount of time needed to heal, quickens how long it takes to repair tissue, and lowers blood pressure. It’s necessary for the synthesis of creatine, and stimulates the release of growth hormone.
  2. Natural Energizers: when it comes to stimulation, nothing packs the punch of Guarana Extract, Yerba Mate Extract, and Green Tea Extract. All three are natural concentrations of energy boosters and focus enhancers that will get you from zero to sixty in just two sips.
  3. Amino Acids: with a potent cocktail of Beta-Alanine, and L-Glutamin, and L-Tyrosine, E&E Energy and Endurance packs a solid punch, with Beta-Alanine boosting muscular endurance and L-Glutamine reinforcing the immune system as well as helping you aid from recovery.
  4. Electrolytes: This is the classic combo: magnesium, potassium, himalayan salt, and calcium. Now no matter how hard you workout, you won’t find yourself depleted from sweating too much.
  5. Essential B vitamins: Niacin, B6, B12, and Folic acid will help boost your metabolism so that you torch fat as your energy levels go through the roof.
  6. Quercetin: This bioflavanoid will help you develop greater mental focus and clarity, allowing you to fight off sluggishness and a weakening of your willpower.
  7. Bromelain and Papaya Extract: These ingredients have been demonstrated to help you in absorbing all other nutrients – think of them as boosting the other ingredients in E&E Energy and Endurance.
  8. Phosphatidylserine: Don’t try to say this one three times quickly. Another mental stimulant, it may help boost mental clarity and focus as well.
  9.  D-Ribose: Another stimulant that is known to help promote vitality and energy in the body.

When Should You Use E&E Energy and Endurance?

It’s all well and good to hold a tub of E&E Energy and Endurance in your hands, with the promise that it will turn your workouts into thrills instead of crushing defeats, but when should you take it, and how much? The answer is simple.

Take your E&E Energy and Endurance before a workout, with at least 15 to 30 minutes to spare. Doing so will give you time to react to the ingredients, and also allow them to carry you through the workout itself.

As for how much, you should measure the intensity of the workout before you and gauge from there what sort of boost you need. If you are about to embark upon an extreme workout, then you should take two scoops mixed with about 6 ounces of cold water. If you are doing a lighter workout, then such a heavy dose isn’t necessary, and you can get away with only drinking a single scoop with the about half a glass of water.

Is E&E Energy and Endurance For You?

When deciding to take a supplement, you should always realize first and foremost that it’s called a supplement for a reason: it’s not meant to replace the effects of sufficient sleep or a good diet, but rather boost it.

If you are not getting enough sleep or enough calories, then no amount of E&E Energy and Endurance will make up the difference. Your body needs time to sleep, to heal, to regenerate and recover from the workouts you are doing. Similarly, if you don’t get enough calories, then no amount of E&E Energy and Endurance will compensate for the lethargy you will experience as your body turns to catabolism and begins to break down your body for fuel.

When considering taking E&E Energy and Endurance, be sure to first and foremost be getting enough sleep and eating the correct kind of nutrition—and in sufficient quantities. If you have those basics taken care of, then ask yourself if you are still suffering from a general lack of energy, excessive soreness, or physical and mental fatige. Are you operating at your best? If not, then E&E Energy and Endurance may indeed be for you.

A supplement like E&E Energy and Endurance is chock full of excellent ingredients that range from natural energy providers to essential amino acids, and will not only wake up like a cup of coffee, but provide a wide array of subtle benefits to your whole body, helping you not only power through your workouts, but do so with verve and enjoyment.