Brazil Butt Lift Reviews

The Brazil Butt Lift has taken the fitness world by storm, with Leandro Carvalho’s unique booty-sculpting workout selling like hotcakes. This is in part due to the fact that he designed this workout for Alessandra Ambrosio, the Brazilian supermodel and Victoria Secret Angel, who has said, “Leandro is just the best trainer for my butt-and for my abs, and for everything else-but especially my butt! He came up with this whole workout just for my butt. He is the best.” The workout is also incredibly fun, featuring infectious samba rhythms and a Brazilian take on all the traditional cardio moves. But what’s an actual workout like? What can you expect when you press play? Today I’m going to take you through a sample workout, and give you an idea of the kind of exercises that have Victoria Secret models coming back for more.

Let’s take a look at his ‘Bum Bum Live’ workout, which features just Leandro, the fabulous Marlene and one camera man. It’s shot in his workout studio in NYC, and comes across as immediate, personal, and direct. Large windows fill the studio with light, and the oak floors seem to practically glow.

Without wasting time, Leandro gets right to it. Immediately he has you stand feet shoulder width apart, and then begin a series of side lunges, moving out as wide as you can, pressing your hands to your knee, and then back up center, and then down the other side. After a few reps to warm up, he has you open your arms as you go down to add resistance, pick up the tempo, and then start touching the outside of your lunging foot with the opposite hand, so as to give your back some twist and really make you workout.

One thing you’ll already have noticed is how clear and precise Leandro is with his instructions. Each point is significant and crucial to proper technique, and he loves to first show you how to do a technique slowly and then pick up the pace.

From there, you do a series of low squats, reaching down to touch the ground and straightening and then bending your legs, picking up the speed once more, and then he turns that into a greet the sun kind of move, where you rise up and stretch your arms to the sky, and then step sideways and down into a squat. Back up, reach for the sky, and then down into another squat on the opposite side.

Leandro is all about working the butt from different angles-and in fact he calls this technique his ‘TriAngle Technique’. The butt is made up of three major muscles, and they are all attached to the bone through ‘muscle heads’. His TriAngle technique words each of these heads so as to firm up their grip and make your butt toned and firm.

His next exercise is a fantastic example of this: he has you do a series of leg raises, first to the side, then back diagonal, and then straight behind, and then drop into a squat and come back up to do the other side. From there he has you do a series of ballet curtesies, again working the four angles, and then a 4 point lunge, where you fall forward into a front lunge, then a side, then back, and then an around the back lunge.

As you can see, the exercises are simple, comprehensive, and target the butt from all angles. The core is always engaged, and your legs become toned and lean as you burn off the fat. By the end of the workout (there are a few more moves after the one above), both Leandro and Marlene are dripping sweat, and you can tell they both got an excellent burn in all the right places. No wonder Allesandra Ambrosio and the other Angels who follow this workout claim to love it-the workout is all about sculpting without bulking up.

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