Brazil Butt Lift SculptSculpt [47.21 min]

Sculpt is serious workout, almost an hour long and using free weights in almost every conceivable way possible. Part of the theory behind the Brazilian Butt-Lift workout is that a certain amount of resistance training is essential to not only burn away fat, but to also develop the kind of muscles that will make you look curvy and beautiful. Don’t worry about becoming jacked; these workouts require that you use light weights, and go for many repetitions as opposed to a few heavy ones. You’re going to target almost every part of your body, from your arms, chest and shoulders, to your back, legs and core.

Of key importance is picking the right weight to work out with. The program makes the following recommendations:

Weight Recommendations:

Beginner: 3-5 lbs
Intermediate: 5-8 lbs
Advanced: 8-10 lbs

Use that as a guide for yourself. If you feel that these weights are too light (say, you’re a guy who’s been doing some weightlifting in the past), then feel free to amp up the amount you’re lifting, but I advise you go through the program at least once before doing so.

Warm Up (3.30 min)

The warm up is fast paced, and cycles through a series of brief exercises that will have you warming you’re your joints and shoulders as well as finally ending up with a series of push ups. Rather than detail over fifteen brief exercises, I’m simply going to list them in the order they appear and add brief notes-you’ll cycle through these quickly, and then be ready for the main sculpting workout.

  • Step touch (Step side to side, arms reaching forward)
  • Shoulders Around (Side to side, rolling shoulders)
    • Add Elbows/Add Arms/Shimmy (and then reverse and do the other direction)
  • Step Knee Up (Side to side, bringing knee high, arms coming down)
    • Step Knee Up Side (knee coming up to the side)
  • Hamstring Curls (Side to side, bringing heels to your booty)
  • Repeaters Step Touch (Marching in place to the side, then Step Touch from the beginning)
    • Other Side
    • Repeaters/Leap
  • Shoulder Roll/With Hips (Roll one shoulder, then do again with hips)
  • Reach Up Down/Alternate (Reach up to the sky, pull down across your body at a diagonal)
  • Push Ups/Quicker Tempo (Standard pushups, slow at first, then fast)
  • Child’s Pose (Relax! End of the warm up.)



  • Side Row (Hand on quad, leaning sideways, bring weight up, elbow close to body, other arm out to the side, then add a lunge)
  • Squat (Shoulder width, weights held by your side, lower into a squat, and then raise arms directly before you as you rise, then add a knee as the final variation)
  • Side Row on the other hand, just as before!
  • Triceps Extension (Hold both dumbbells with both hands behind your head, and then extend them straight above your head. Add leg curl after a couple of reps, weight on front leg)
  • Dead Lift, Single Leg (Shoulders back, bend forward, flat back, over front leg, weights hanging before you, chin up. Add the leg straight extended behind as the next variation)
  • Triceps Extension Again, Dead Lift, Other Leg
  • Biceps Curls, Single Arm (Arms bent, squeeze biceps, do curls)
  • Rear Deltoid Raise (Feet very wide, bend, hand on knee, windmill arm slowly from straight down to straight out to your side, slow and controlled, no swinging. )
  • Bicep Press (Arm behind back, lower arm, then raise, and extend directly overhead)
  • Front Raise Squat (Down into a squat, arm still behind back, weight dropped between legs, and then raised with straight arm toward front)
  • Overhead Press (Hold arm out to side, forearm pointing up, and press weight overhead, adding leg raise, and then drop down into a curtsey at the end, picking up tempo)
  • Core Rotation Doubles (Hold weight with both hand, and then swivel from side to side)
  • Rear Deltoid Raise, Bicep Press, Front Raise Squat, Overhead Press again.
  • Triceps Kickback (Weights at hip heights, elbows bent behind your back, bend forward, and extend arms back and behind your back)
  • Mermaid (Sit on your side, legs out and curled close, twist and place hands in pushup position, do a pushup, and turn onto the other side, swiveling on your toes)
  • Chest Fly (Grab weights, lie on your back, hold weights above chest, lower weights to ground, back up)
  • Oblique Crunches (Lie on your side, arm straight before you across floor, legs opened, heels touching, crunch up on your side and try to lift your shoulder off the ground)
  • Tricep Press (Still on your side, do a push up with one hand belonging to the shoulder pointing at the ceiling)
  • Plank (Push up position, resting on your forearms, body straight, butt’s not up or down. Place one arm behind your back, turn slowly to your side, into side plank, pointing at ceiling with top arm. Then put hand on your hip, and do side dips)
  • Roll Ups (Grab weight, hold it against your chest, roll down, touch head to floor, and then sit back up, then do doubles rotation from the sit up position)
  • Oblique Twist (In crunch position, one hand behind head, other holding weight on chest, lift up and turn to work the oblique)
  • Pull Over Leg Touch (Weight behind head, lift it straight overhead, and bring a leg up to touch the weight with your toes)
  • Back Extension (Lie flat on your stomach, arms straight ahead, and then raise opposite leg and arm, and then lower. Then do both arms and legs, and then do the swim variation)

Cool Down (6 min)

The cool down is a series of stretches and lunges, making sure to cool down and ease your warmed up muscles so that they don’t crap or ache too much the next day. There is a good emphasis on your shoulders, on arching your back, stretching out your shoulders and glutes. When the final few seconds tick down, you’re done!