Brazil Butt Lift High and TightHigh & Tight [16.00 min]


This is a brief but intense workout that’s focused on using the rubber band that came with your workout package to deliver maximum burn to your buns and thighs. The essence of the workout is simple: you wrap the band around both feet, and then Leandro takes you through a series of step workouts where you work against the band’s resistance to develop a delicious burn in your thighs and booty. The movements are simple, but the repetition will ensure a fantastic workout. At only 16 minutes, this little set of moves will deliver maximum results in a minimum amount of time!

The basic position is to stand with feet shoulder width apart, band wrapped around your feet, toes pointing forward, shoulders back, chin up.

Warm Up (4 min)

You start with a basic touchstep, moving from side to side with each foot, throwing in a little hip action to get more core involved. When you’ve got the basic side to side step, pick up the tempo and really get into the music and rhythm! This is the key move to make your legs long and toned, and as Leandro explains, this is a basic, essential move he uses on his model clients.

Then he moves on to the Accordion set, where you flex your back, lifting your chest and stretching your abs, and then you round your back and crunch your tummy closed, squeezing your bumbum as you do. Then add arms, switching them from side to side, keeping the accordion movement going the whole time. That mastered, you move from side to side, keeping the arm and accordion movements going.

Leg Push Backs (3.30 min)

Now you’re going to do a vertical step, leaning your weight on the front foot, and extending the leg back, over and over again, touching the ground behind you. Once you’ve got that down, move into the Push Air variety, lifting your foot right off the ground and pushing it back and forth into the air. Segue into a balance position, arms extended, leg all the way back and held in the air, and then pulse the leg up and down, tiny movements. Then release, and shake your booty.

That set done, do the other side. Simple but effective! As Leandro says, “You did so well! Shake a little bit. Yes. And we’re going to move on.”

Squats (1:20 min)

Drop into a squat, come up, open your arms out to your side, and lift one leg up and extend it up, up and down against the band. Down into a squat, and then the other side, shifting your weight onto the other leg.

1,2,3 Together (1.20 min)

A fun little dance move, step out to the side, front, behind, and then bring your foot back together, moving your hips in time with the music, opening your elbows and enjoying yourself. Switch to the other leg, then again, faster and faster till you’re dancing!

And that’s it, you’re done with High & Tight! Enjoy that burn–that’s the sensation of muscle growing taut and lean, and fat melting away 😉 Only the best from!