Brazil Butt Lift Bum BumBum Bum: 36 minutes

The Bum Bum workout is Leandro Carvalho’s signature Brazil But Lift workout, the one that he uses the most frequently at the Equinox Gym in NYC. And, after going through it, there’s no doubt that it’s effective and will incinerate the fat around your booty, legs and core.

At about 36 minutes in length, it cruises through a high energy variation of squats, lunges, dance moves and twists. What keeps it from being a standard cardio workout is the Brazilian flair that Leandro throws in there, from the Cocorinha to the Capoeira, from the Arabesqie to the Booty Shake with Drums. These moves are fun, completely different from the standard fare, and will have you grinning even as you throw yourself into them.

Another huge plus is the Brazilian samba music that plays throughout. If you’ve ever watched Carnival, you’ll have seen those women in seven inch heels dancing samba all night long, wearing feathers and outfits that must weight a ton, but still grinning and spinning and dancing for hours on end. This is that music, that same infectious, energy raising and inspiring beat. It makes moving and grooving a blast.

What’s interesting is that the workout is actually filmed on two different sets. One set is in a standard studio, with light wooden floors and a backup workout crew of six women behind Leandro. It will feel standard, fun, but won’t stand out. However, thrown in every once in awhile are snatches of the same workout filmed on a beach in Rio, where Leandro and three absolutely stunning women dance, laugh and soar through the workout. The sun, the sweat, the ocean behind them and the high energy and fun that the beach workout brings is such a welcome break that you’ll find yourself looking forward to those interludes.

Now, there are so many moves in this workout, that it would be ridiculous to try and describe them all. Instead, we’ll list them in the order they come, in the hopes of not only giving you an idea of the variety included, but also the scope and duration of the workout. Read the list below, and get ready for a challenging workout!


Warm Up: 1.20 seconds


Plie Tempo

Plie Short

Passe Kick Backs

Pass Kick Back Short

Kick Rear Lunge

Walk Ipanema

Passe Kick Backs (other side)

Pass Kick Back Short

Kick Rear Lunge

Walk Ipanema

Squat Touch (15 sec)

Squat Touch Shoulders (15 sec)

Squat Knee Up (30 sec)

Lunge Squat Combo (30 sec)

Arabesque (25 sec)

Squat Touch (25 sec)

Squat Touch Shoulders

Lunge Squat Combo

Side Lunge

Grab and Throw

Curtesy Lunge

Side Lunge

Grab and throw

Squat – Reach Up

Cocorinha (40 sec)

Squat -Reach Up

Squat Reach Back


Squat Reach Up

Paso Doble Lunge

Side to Side Taps

Side to Side Kicks

Side Kick Squats

Side to Side Taps

Side to Side Taps Arms

Side Tap Kicks

Side Kick Squat

High Heels

High Heels Arms

High Heels Arms – Side to Side

High Heels

Afro Brazilian Lunge

Knee Pulls

Leaps – Side tro Side

Knee Pulls

Leaps – Side tro Side

Shake Your Booty

Booty Drums

Booty Drums Frog Jumps


Side to Side Taps – Arms

Shake Your Booty

Cool Down