Whether you want to look good on the beach or simply enjoy wearing a new pair of jeans, we all desire a curvy, sculpted butt. Luckily Leandro Carvalho has created a program that delivers just that: the Brazil Butt Lift, the hottest workout out of New York City.

Why Focus on Nutrition?

The reason that the Nutrition Guide that comes with the Brazil Butt Lift is so important is because if you don’t take control of what you eat, you will never realize results with your booty. A curved, sculpted, beautiful rear is as dependent on good eating habits as exercise, because no amount of muscle will help if you’re packing an extra thirty pounds of fat. That’s why Leandro has designed this professional guide to help you figure out your ideal caloric intake, explain why you should eat some things and avoid others, and helped you put your meals together with in depth recipes, meal suggestions and snack advice.

Stop a moment, and understand: not following the nutrition aspect of your workout is probably the number one reason that most people fail to realize the results they desire. It’s easy to focus on the workouts, and much easier still to do only 50% of what you’re supposed to when it comes to nutrition. So really take time to read the Guide, to understand the principles at play, and then follow Leandro’s suggestions to the letter in order to attain that total body transformation!

How to Work the Nutrition Into Your Workouts?

The most critical time to focus on your nutrition is not after you’re done with your months of working out, nor before, but during the time you’re doing the Brazil Butt Lift. The most important part of your workout could very well be the eating part, so it’s essential that you understand how to implement the nutrition guide while you work out. Perhaps the most important aspect of a successful nutrition plan is to strive for perfect regularity. It’s no good to eat great one week and then mess up the second; you have to strive for discipline and a constant intake of excellent quality food.

How can you achieve this success? Through careful planning. If you are used to figuring out what you’re going to eat for lunch only moments before you open the fridge, you will not succeed. You need to start planning your meal days in advance, shopping for the ingredients and preparing what you’re going to eat so that when the time comes, you have everything ready to put together a wholesome, nutritious snack. Preparation is really key to making your nutrition plan work, which means shopping regularly and with an eye on the ingredients and food stuff you need to make your plan work.

How Does the Meal Plan Work?

The meal plan works because not only is it good for you, but it’s delicious as well. Leandro has gone out of his way to not only craft nutritious meals, but meals influenced by Brazilian cuisine, resulting in zesty, flavorful snacks that will make it a pleasure to lose weight. The meals all share the same features in that they are designed to help you lose fat and boost your energy levels by combining a delicious mix of good quality carbs (no refined carbs here, only veggies, whole wheat alternatives and fruit), a number of lean proteins such as chicken, turkey, and fish to help lower the amount of saturated fat, and an extremely limited amount of sugar. This potent combination helps max out your nutritional gains and will help you burn through your workouts with high levels of energy.

What are some of the sample menus?

You can start your day with a goat cheese omelet and a whole wheat muffin, or try a yogurt swirl with fruit, or even a pita and scrambled eggs with avocado slices. For lunch you’ll be sampling wholesome wraps filled with turkey and hummus, chicken and chick pea salads, and even a pita pizza for you to jazz up the menu. Dinners include such items as chicken fajitas, a delicious serving of salmon and beans, or even turkey meatballs with a black bean corn salad.

As you can see, it’s not a radical diet in that you’re allowed to eat a wide variety of different proteins, carbs and plenty of veggies. You get lots of taste, lots of variety, but simply have to cut out such items as soda, red meat, chocolate and candy and fried meals. Once you work on making those changes, you’ll find that the pounds melt right off!