The world’s biodiversity is vast and for the most part unexplored by scientists and nutritionists. Across the continents different indigenous cultures have spent millenia exploring and testing the herbs, plants, and fruits around them for medical properties, such that scientists are often left playing catchup with wise men and local healers who have known of the medical properties of rare plants for centuries. Just as willow bark was used to make aspiring, the suma root is now being discovered as the perfect supplement for muscle growth.

What is the suma root? It is known as the ‘Brazilian Ginseng’, and is a creeper vine that grows throughout northern Brazil and other parts of South America. Called “para tudo”, its nickname literally means ‘for everything’, as the locals discovered that it helped with improving the immune system, fighting cancer, help the body’s healing ability and being a general cure-all and stimulant.

In the 1970’s, suma root became known as the ‘Russian Secret’, and was credited with the Russian’s dominance in the Olympics, helping them develop muscle and deal with the negative side effects of anabolic steroids.

Today, Beachbody has taken this potent plant and created a pure, refined supplement that takes the very best of its effects and delivers them all the way from the Amazon right to your front door. If you’re ready for the latest in muscle growth supplements, then Super Suma is for you!

What does Super Suma Do?

Super Suma is the cutting edge of sports supplementation, and we are still discovering all of its benefits. What has been tested and discovered is that it works to enhance testosterone production. Testosterone is an anabolic steroid hormone that we create naturally in our bodies, and which belongs to the androgen group. It plays a crucial role in promoting the development of muscle mass, bone density, and the growth of body hair. It prevents osteoporosis, and helps boost our health and immune systems.

Thus by boosting our testosterone levels, suma helps us respond incredibly well to exercise and muscle building. It makes us more sensitive to muscle stress, so that when we rest we grow back bigger and even stronger then before. By enhancing your natural source of testosterone, suma can safely help you up your body’s growth and response to exercise and stress.

What else can suma do? This incredible root has been shown in studies conducted by scientists in Sao Paulo to inhibit the growth of unhealthy cells in the liver. Studies done on mice in labs showed a slowing down of cell growth and greater rates of cell death, which is essential for controlling the out of control growth of cancer.

Second, tests have shown that suma root can increase the ability to produce immune system cells, as well as boost overall immune system activity. When exposed to suma, our bodies macrophages increase their activity, consuming and enclosing around foreign bodies and invasive pollutants. Another kind of immune system cell called Natural Killers were also boosted in both number and activity, showing that the indigenous Brazilians were onto something when they called it ‘para tudo’.

Super Suma is NOT a Steroid

Let’s be clear: suma root is not an artificially produced anabolic steroid. It is a natural root, and its benefits and properties come from its naturally occurring chemistry. However, because it does promote the growth of testosterone, it has been classified by the World Anti-Doping Association as a banned substance. Why?

The reason it has been banned is because it has “similar chemical structure or similar biological effect” to known “peptide hormones, growth factors, and related substances”. This means it has the same effect on your body as illegal steroids – but is it harmful to you like they are?

No. Ecdysteroids, which occur in suma root as well as in some insects and other plants, have been shown to mimic the anabolic effect of steroids without the androgenic effects. What that means is that they deliver the same results and help your metabolic pathways, but without the negative impact on your hormones like pharmaceutical ‘steroids’ do. One quick note: most ‘steroids’ aren’t even real steroids; they’re simply hard drugs that have been lumped under that label for simplicities sake.

So is it an illegal anabolic steroid? No. It is a naturally occurring substance that delivers the same results without the negative associations. So if you are a professionally competing body builder or athlete, be careful about taking Super Suma – not because it will hurt your, but because the WADA has banned it for being as effective as illegal steroids.


When Should You Use Super Suma?

There is no secret or trick to taking Super Suma. You don’t need to worry about the timing, other than being sure to taking it every day. By taking two pills each day, you will slowly build up the right levels of suma in your body so that you can benefit from all its effects.


Is Super Suma for you?

The question of whether Super Suma is for you is really a simple one: do you want to get huge? If you are looking for intense and extreme results, then you need to take Super Suma to find the most natural way to get ripped. When you exercise, your body reacts by naturally releasing Human Growth Factor into your blood, as well as increasing your testosterone levels. Super Suma simply augments this process with a natural supplement that mimics the best of anabolic steroids—with none of the negative side effects.

So if you are looking to boost your metabolism, to build lean muscle like never before, to make the most of any extreme workout and really realize your physical potential, then Super Suma is for you.

If you are planning to compete in a professional event, then be sure to check first whether the governing body considers suma root to be a banned substance before doing so.