There are certain assumptions that go hand in hand with getting huge: that you need to join an elite gym, that you need to have advanced training, that you need superior genetics, and that you need to do illegal steroids. All but one of those assumptions are false, and BODY BEAST delivers the one component you need: elite training, courtesy of Sagi Kalev, world-renowned trainer and former two-time Mr. Israel.

You   can now undergo a 90 day comprehensive and cutting edge training program that has been proven to add 10 lbs of lean muscle from the comfort of your home. You don’t need to go to a gym, you don’t need to have superior genetics, nor do you need to do illegal drugs: all you need is incredible determination, the ability to push yourself right to the edge, and the desire to get HUGE.

BODY BEAST takes Sagi’s wealth of experience and knowledge and combines it with Dynamic Set Training, a breakthrough in sports training that will allow you to use the best of old school and new school workouts to get ripped. The complex variations in tempo, power, resistance, and volume will stimulate your muscles to grow like never before, while the Body Beast Eating Plan will help you consume exactly the right kind of fuel for maximum muscular hypertrophy. Finally, 4 new groundbreaking supplements will help your body maximize its growth potential – and turn you into a BEAST.


What makes BODY BEAST work?

The focus of BODY BEAST lies in generating one thing: testosterone. This is the fundamental hormone responsible for generating muscle mass, and every workout, ever move in BODY BEAST along with the supplements is designed to help you produce as much testosterone as possible.

Dynamic Set Training keeps this goal firmly in mind, and has been designed to enhance your production as much as possible. Consequently BODY BEAST will use all the different tools available to the most cutting edge trainers such as Drop, Force, and Tempo Sets along with Pre-fatigue Sets to help you ramp up your growth like you wouldn’t believe.


What Makes This Program Stand Out From The Crowd?

The program combines Sagi’s experience with Beachbody’s incredibly successful system of packaging and presenting even the toughest of workouts for people to succeed. Anybody can benefit from BODY BEAST as long as they approach it correctly:

  1. First you Build, establishing the foundations required to get your head in the right space and your body receptive to extreme training. This involves eating exactly right, and setting the right habits to carry you through the 90 days.
  2. Then you Bulk, as the foundation of the Build phase allows you to kick your results into the next level and get seriously huge. It’s during this second phase that you start to really notice results.
  3. Finally you become a Beast, where you take the mass you’ve created and chisel it down to competition looks, getting not only huge but shredded and ripped.

How can you get these results with no gym?

To successfully complete BODY BEAST you will need a bench, an EZ-Curl Bar with weight plates, a set of dumbbells, and a chin-up bar. That’s it. You don’t need isolation machines, squat cages, bench racks, barbells, or any of the other stuff that goes with a gym – all you need are free weights and elite training.

Further, you will benefit from saving on the monthly membership fees to a gym (not to mention their sign up fee), gain express knowledge about how to eat and what, gain access to a wealth of body building knowledge that will enrich your training for years to come, and do all this from the comfort of your own home.

Who is BODY BEAST For?

A number of people can seriously benefit from BODY BEAST – and not just complete novices either:

  • If you’re a fan of the gym and exercise regularly, but don’t feel that you are getting the results you need, then unlock the potential of your body though the BODY BEAST training program, nutrition plan, and cutting edge supplements. It’s not about how often you workout, but how effectively.
  • If you are a novice, or very lean and slender and looking to add some serious muscle, then knowing where to start and what to do can be incredibly difficult. Let Sagi’s decades of experience guide you as you start working out, and ensure that you do so correctly.
  • Finally, anybody who is sick of commuting to the gym, who is tired of paying gym fees, who is sick of the gym culture, who wants to exercise in privacy and from the comfort of their own home will love BODY BEAST.


Base Kit: what are the Workouts And Phases?

The BODY BEAST package will deliver a total lifestyle change, from workouts to nutrition and more. Here are the workouts that will change the way you look:

  • Build Phase
    • Chest/Tris: Get blasted with a combo of Super, Giant, and Single sets to boost the strength and definition of your chest and triceps.
    • Back/Bis: Develop the classic V-shape with this lat, trap, rhomboid and bicep workout – it’s all about contraction as you pull and curl.
    • Legs: Often neglected, but not here—bulk your hamstrings, quads, calves, and glutes.
    • Shoulders: This sets the tone of your whole look, and so get read to torch your deltoids as you work hard to broaden your profile.
  • Bulk Phase
    • Chest: Time to get HUGE. Multi-Sets, Force Sets, Progressive Sets, Combo Sets, Super Sets – you name it, this workout has got it. Prepare for serious Muscular Hypertrophy.
    • Back: Force Sets and Super sets will make your back massive.
    • Shoulders: Progressive Sets and Super Sets will add mass to your deltoids like never before.
    • Arms: Force Sets, Progressive Sets, and Super Sets will have those triceps and biceps bulging.
    • Legs: Force Sets, Progressive Sets, and Super Sets will help turn your legs into tree trunks
  • Beast
    • Abs: Don’t think we’ll neglect your core – essential to all round fitness.
    • Cardio: Time to sculpt that mass – prepare to sweat!
    • Total Body: This circuit will blast everything you’ve got for a total body workout.

What About Nutrition And Supplements?

To pack serious muscle, you will need to follow the Body Beast Calendar and Diet Plan. Duh!

In addition, you will want to boost your nutritional intake with 4 essential supplements. Here’s a link to our reviews:

  1. Hardcore Base Shake
  2. Beachbody Fuel Shot
  3. Max Creatine
  4. Super Summa

The Ultimate Body Beast Review?

There are 2 types of reviews out there. What other people have to say and YOUR OWN. Very soon, Extreme Fitness Review will provide you with the ultimate Body Beast Review: A 24 hour, digital test drive of the workouts, calendar and diet plan. Nothing like checking it out yourself!