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elysium cryptocurrency3 Ways to fire up your metabolism for Week 3 of Insanity

According to my math, you should be around week 3 of your Insanity Workout. In this video we want to share a few tips that should help you through what I consider is one of the toughest weeks of Insanity.

In Summary

1. Don’t skip breakfast. Eating lean protein in the morning will help get your metabolism revved up for the day ahead. Protein from egg whites, for instance, will help stabilize your blood sugar, make you feel fuller, and keep you from overeating later in the day.

2. Get your beauty rest. Human growth hormone works directly on cells to increase your metabolic rate by 15 to 20 percent and can only be produced during the hours of deep sleep. So make sure you get a good night’s sleep!

3. The magic mix. At mealtime, try consuming lean proteins from chicken and white fish along with complex carbohydrates from fruits and veggies. This magical combination will speed up your metabolic rate as food is transformed into usable nutrients, and you’ll build muscle and burn fat during the digestive process.

Maximize Your Results By Taking The Right Supplements!

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